How to Fix iPhone X Screen Freezing Issue

A software update was recently issued by the Apple team, which is to fix the problem of those people who use to live in a cold climate. Their new iPhone X device was annoying them because of cold weather the Apple’s iPhone screen started freezing.

For the same reason makers of iPhone X have introduced iOS 11.1.2 which after installing users will not suffer from the frozen screen problem on their device. In cold weather. Apple explained how iPhone X screen freezes temporarily and becomes unresponsive to touch after a rapid temperature fall.

But now users can install iOS 11.1.2 and after updating their device they can use it properly without any problem.

The problem occurred when the iPhone X’s OLED screen did not register the user’s finger swipes at cold weather/temperature. According to Apple’s guidelines, the iPhone X is designed to work normally at temperatures between about 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or zero to 35 degrees Celsius).

Some of the users found a quick solution to frozen screens by locking the phone and unlocking it, by providing face ID, it seemed to work and allow the device to recognize swipes and touches properly.

iPhone X Screen Freezing

Thr new iPhone X is completely different from all its other predecessors. It is the first iPhone to have the iconic home button and as well as it has a stunning OLED screen. But the problem is like any other smartphones, there are few problems with this device too. Here is the list of problems that your new iPhone X may have:

  1. Screen burn-in: Apple released a statement about OLED display which has been used in the phone. The makers have mentioned that if users leave the phone screen on for a while, then the app may get burned into the screen. Makers recommend users to keep the brightness of your phone low.

  2. iPhone X isn’t working at cold weather/temperature: users of iPhone X have submitted complaints that people living in cold places are facing the problem of the frozen screen. It stops working in cold temperature. Although it is not for a long time still some users have said they experienced longer freeze ups. But Apple has provided a solution to it by updating the software i.e. iOS 11.1.2 freezing problem can be solved and others facing this use for a short time they can fix it by locking and unlocking process.

  3. Green lines appearing on screen: Small number of users have also mentioned that while using iPhone X users see a green line appearing on screen on the left side or the right side. Those people who have experienced the issue have said that it does not appear first while operating or opening the lock, but after using it for some time a green line can be seen appearing on the screen. Apple is trying to solve this issue too by replacing some of its affected units makers have said it any be due to hardware problems they are currently working on it and will get it solved. Makers have also asked users to report on their helpline number or their website if they do find any other defects and they will resolve it as soon as possible.

  4. Crackling speakers at high volume: few users of iPhone X have also reported for that they are experiencing crackling speakers at high volume. This problem is limited to fewer numbers of phones only and it continues even after the unit is replaced. In iPhone 8 same type of problem was found, but it was due to some technical issues or software issues makers have replaced its software after knowing the problem.

Makers have asked to report on their official site or on customer care number if there are any more damages or technical issues and they will look after it and will get it solved as soon as possible.

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