Tips For Building a Killer App For Any Purpose

Have you ever thought about designing your own app? This could be a great way to promote your business or it could be a business in its own right. After all the developers of candy crush made millions, so why not you? We know what you’re thinking. Surely to build an app, you need to know about coding, programming and all that tech mumbo jumbo. Well that’s not true. You can create the idea for your app and then work with a developer to bring it to life. But before we get to that stage, you need to think about the app concept.

What Is The Purpose Of Your App?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s no right answer to this question. If you explore the app store, you’ll find thousands that seem to have very little purpose at all. They don’t work and if they do they still seem to be completely useless. Then there are the apps at the top of the charts that almost everyone has on their phones. Apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Google Hangouts.

Killer apps

If you want your app to be a success, you need to think about what makes apps popular with users. Take a look at these Android apps you have never thought they exists. Their developers have made a huge amount of money so why not you. 

We think the first goal is to ensure that it has an obvious and apparent purpose. Then you can start considering who you’re making it for. This is the main goal where you should focus more.

Finding Your Target Customer

Once you’ve come up with our app concept, it’s time to search for your target customer. Every commercial idea has a customer and you just need to find yours. For instance, you might have created an app that translates baby noises into vocal speech.

If you think this is a brilliant undiscovered idea, it’s not. This is already a popular app online. The target customer here is clearly parents. Numerous parents have wished they could understand what a baby is saying and now they can…sort of. It’s more a gimmick than anything else but you get the point. Once you find your target customer, your app is as good as sold.


App developers will work with you to ensure the app is presented in the way you want. Remember, presentation is everything. Something as simple as the app symbol will determine whether or not a customer will download an app. It shouldn’t have a huge loading time either. Otherwise, users are going to get bored and delete it. They’ll do this before they even discover what your app has to offer.

successful apps


You might think, well what does that matter; they’ve already made the purchase? Be careful here though because if you’re using apps for promotion, they need to keep it on their phone. If you’re using it to make profits, developers will tell you most of the money is derived from micro transactions.


Finally, you need to think about how to get your app noticed by the masses. Part of this is ensuring you’re marketing it yourself. You need to use tools like social media to spread the word. Particular if you already have a base of customers that you can appeal to.

But you should also look into getting your app reviewed by a tech website. Do this, and you’ll automatically have customers interested in making a purchase. Assuming the reviews are great, at least. Promote your app in forums because there you are going to find people targeted custumores. Also a good way is to contact and ask for review YouTubers and if you have money to spend you can invest in paid ads.


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