Why Is Your iPhone Using so Much Data and How To Fix It

Problems of iPhone users differ from one user to another. Nowadays the trending problem of iPhone users is the loss of cellular data which is really a big problem out of all, either user is belonging to middle level or higher level.

We know that there are available several options for unlimited data plans but every user can’t use such an unlimited data pack plan. In today’s generation, no one lives without a data plan in their cellular phone even for one hour and then if your iPhone cellular phone is consuming a lot of data, it’s really an expensive petty charge on you.

There are many ways to reduce data usage on your iPhone. Best is by turning off your mobile data if there is no use for it. You can also stop automatically download audio and video option from your phone. You can also stop various app which can’t use your mobile data. With iPhone, one problem which occurs generally is a sudden usage of mobile data which can reflect into speeding up your mobile data also.

 Why and what is using data on iPhone?

iPhone uses a lot of data. If your phone’s Wi-Fi is turned on and other apps are not using your mobile data, it’s not a problem but if your Wi-Fi is turned on and your mobile data is also spending data, it’s a big problem. Thus, you must and should try to check out that while Wi-Fi is on, your mobile data should be off.

In your iPhone at uppermost corners, there is a Wi-Fi radio symbol available. Always check that if the radio symbol which is in diamond shape is turn on or off. If the blue light is visible on diamond radio signal of Wi-Fi then it means your Wi-Fi is turned on. And if LTE and 4G or 3G is showing at top of your iPhone its mean your iPhone is using mobile data too.

If you are not in the range of Wi-Fi it means your iPhone app is using your mobile data only even if the Wi-Fi symbol is showing turn on. Your mobile data may be used in the background to check notifications online or to refresh content or to refresh or update the app .Maybe also to automatically download audio and video from FB, Twitter etc. So you should always be aware of that.

To find out which apps are using data on iPhone you can go through below setting;

  • Tap your iPhone and go to setting.
  • From setting click on cellular option
  • After clicking on the cellular option you reach to cellular app panel, by scrolling down you can see how much your app is using mobile data.
  • After that you will see the usage of KB, MB or GB amount of data have used since being installed on the device.iPhone-X data usage

How to reduce data usage on iPhone 6/7/8/X?

There are many ways through you can reduce data usage on iPhone;

1. Turn on Wi-Fi where it’s available: 

Always try to check and turn on your Wi-Fi data of your iPhone and off your mobile data to reduce data usage.

 2. Disable your background app referencing: 

Always try to turn off your background app referencing data for unwanted usage of mobile data in app referencing. In the background, many apps like Facebook, Twitter and mail were used your mobile data for updating app also.

3. Turn off your iPhone 3G and 4G data:

If your iPhone is worst to run on lower data than turn off your 3G and 4G data and on your 2G data network to save data.

4. Disable your automatic download audio and video from the app:

It has been observed that many users do not disable their app auto download option and many unwanted audio image and app are being downloaded and hence they spend mobile data.  So if not necessary, disable auto download option from your iPhone.

5. Turn off your push Notifications: 

Many of your Apple apps are using push Notifications like FB, Gmail, and Twitter to alert you for new updates. Go to Setting option then click on the Notification. Here you can stop any application from irritating you with a notification which will save you mobile data also.

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