Here’s How To Get 3D Touch Effect On Android Instagram

The most noted feature of Apple iPhone 6S, the 3D Touch Effect, is now available for Android users. This feature is related more with the hardware than the software since iPhone 6S has something unique,¬†pressure-sensitive sensors. So this mean that you won’t have the same feature in you Android device but something similar to it.

But what really is the 3D Touch Effect feature? In iPhone devices that has the pressure-sensitive sensor, every time you apply a little more pressure than usually, you will get a preview of what you are currently viewing or reading. In Instagram for Android we found something similar. The only thing you have to do to get a preview of what you are seeing is to long press on the thumbnail and “peek” nearly a full size of the image.

“Peek” means that a window will pop up while the rest of the UI blurs out. So if you are looking to someone album on instagram you don’t need to open each phone one by one and then go back to the album and open the other photo. Simply long press on the image thumbnail and you will see a full size image. Once the image is appeared in the full size you will see a row with few options where you can like the photo, follow the user, send the photo to a friend using instagram direct and comment if you are already following this user.

Instagram 3d touch effect on Android

To go back simply slide your finger anywhere away these button and you will be back where you started. Using this feature you won’t be able to see the comments or the number of likes however it’s good if you wanna see a lot of pictures of someone but you don’t want to see one picture and then go back to the album and open every photo one by one.

This is a nice feature added by Instagram developers making something easy for you. The update is available only on the latest version, Instagram 7.13.0 update. So head over to Play Store to see if you have already the latest update. In some countries the app may not be available on Play Store so you have to download and install the apk file. Download it here and install as normal apk file. There is nothing to worry, the apk is tested and it works fine. So download, install it and Enjoy.

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