How To Avoid Downloading & Installing Malwares Or Other Threats On Android

There is no one nowadays that don’t use internet and download things on our devices. All you people want to have the greatest and latest apps on your device which mean that you always are downloading and installing things from internet. But not always you can download the right goodies on your Android.

Cases when you can download unwanted things are increased. There are plethora of malicious app around that it’s not hard at all to download them. A good way to be safe is to download and install only from your OEM official site but sometimes it doesn’t provide you all the things you want to have on your phone.

Since OEMs provide only few apps and other things, it’s needed to download from third party sites. There numerous apps available when you can find good stuff for your Android. This sites can compromise your privacy and download many adware that is not a good idea to have unwanted apps and malware on your device. But even though there achances to be infected, still you can do something to prevent that so take a look below to our short guide.

avoid downloading malware on android

 Pay more attention to what is being downloaded

First of all check the name and the extension of the file you downloaded. If you think it is suspicious don’t install. A huge number of file hosts are trying to cheat users to download Windows or Mac installer which in most of cases deliver adware or any other threat. If it has the extension .exe or .dmg but in fact you are expecting an apk file, don’t try to install it because it is fake. Numerous file hosts offer more than a download link, and then some fake links that open ads or provide you with unwanted malware rather than the real file you want. Adblock is a good idea because it will block some of the links which are severing ads but not all. Those links who can provide you with a malware still appears so be careful that you have downloaded the real file. In most of cases fake files ask you to download other files like download manager, so this is the first sign that you have downloaded an unwanted file. Remove it immediately and scan your device.

Scan the download before installing it

The best way to protect your device from getting infected by malware or any other threat is to check the downloads always before installing. We suggest to use but there are also many others which can be easily found, just Google them.

Virustotal uses numerous anti-malware engine to scan your file for known malware. The more tools that gives a positive result the more are chances that you have downloaded a malware. Remember that if you have downloaded something that will root your phone, mostly of scanners will flag it as unwanted app.

Always be aware that just because an app is rated as clean doesn’t mean that it is really clean. Sometimes it can happen that the sandbox hadn’t activate the malware parts of the app. So always be careful what you download from OEM non official apps.

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