How To Fix Xperia Z2 Screen Sensitivity Issues

Here comes a quick tip how to fix Xperia Z2 touch screen sensitivity issue. Xperia Z2 users have reported quite a strange problem with their device. The screen sensitivity increases like the Glove Mode is turned on. But in fact, if you go to Settings you will notice the Glove Mode is off.

So what causes the touchscreen sensitivity issues on Sony Xperia Z2?

Apparently, it seems to be a software bug and we hope it will be fixed son on the newest updates. If you don’t want to wait until Sony releases a new update then you can try one of the following solutions below to fix the screen sensitivity issue on Sony Xperia Z2.

This problem is reported by people worldwide and it seems to be an international problem related to the software. By recent reports, we could come up to a conclusion. Devices suffering most from this nasty issues are those devices running 17.1.1.A.0.402 and latest 17.1.2.A.314 firmware.

sony-xperia-z2-screen sensitivity

We dig deeper into this and found something interesting about this bug. In most of the cases, it appears upon launching a game called Tower of Saviours by Madhead.

It also appears when keyboard app launch in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Wechat and many other apps like these.

From our tests the bug result to appear after redirecting to messaging apps from notifications drop-down. Sometimes it is resolved by pressing the app drawer icon from the home screen. It is not caused by root because the bug appears after reflashing the firmware.

How to Fix Xperia Z2 Touch Screen Sensitivity Bug

Here is a list with potential solutions you can perform to solve the problem. They have helped many disparate Xperia Z2 users so hope the same for you.

  • Turn off, wait for one minute and then wake up.
  • Turn Glove Mode on and then turn off again.
  • Remove any screen protector or tempered glass you may have attached to your phone.
  • Turn X-reality on and then turn off again.
  • Turn auto-rotation on and off/
  • Try to turn smart backlight control on and off.

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If those solutions were not useful try using these:

  • Use the PC companion to do a phone repair.
  • Perform a Factory Reset.
  • Perform a Factory Reset and the erase the internal storage.

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