How to Unlock (Remove) Android Protection (Code or Pattern) Without Reset Or Root

Everybody nowadays owns a smartphone. We do have a lot of personal stuff there so it’s quite normal to use some security options to prevent other people from having access without our permission.

One of the most used ways to protect our smartphone is a pattern or even a code. It will ensure that none of your friends and people around you can get access to your phone. It’s always good to use a pattern or a code to lock your phone because of the simple fact that people around you may want to see your personal stuff.

We do have a lot of personal things like photos, videos, messages, contact numbers and so on. So it’s quite normal to use a protection pattern or code.

But what happens if you forget it? How can you access your device without having to factory reset or do whatever that could lose you files?

We do have a busy life and it might happen to forget the lock code or pattern. The issue is what to do when we forget it? I’m pretty sure you have forgotten at least once the code or the pattern so in this post we will share with you how a simple and easy trick how to unlock your phone and remove the lock code or pattern without having to factory reset your device or have root access.

Easy Unlock Keylock

To bypass the locking code or pattern may be easier than it seems to be. After reading this whole article you won’t worry anymore about losing the pattern of the lock code. You can easily unlock your device and set a new pin or pattern is just a few easy steps.

This article will help you reset your protection and set a new one. It’s proven to be very efficient because we do forget the pin/pattern quite often.

Without further ado let’s learn how to reset Android security protection.

How to bypass pattern/pin lock on Android devices without root and factory reset

Here is how to quickly unlock your device if you have forgotten the lock code or pattern.


How to break Android security protection PIN/Pattern

Download the files from the links above. Unpack the tool and then install the ADB drivers.

Turn on your device and plug it into the computer. Make sure you’re using an original USB cable and have the latest USB driver installed. You need to install the USB driver based on your device manufacture.

Press 1 to check if the device is connected properly otherwise check the USB driver and USB cable.

If your Android device is locked by a pin or a face-lock you need to press 2. If it’s locked by a pattern then you should press 3.

Once you press the button, the device will restart automatically and when it’s turned on, the phone will be unlocked. In case it asks for a pattern or a pin, simply insert a new one and it will work perfectly.

This app does not only help you bypass the lock pattern or pin but also you can do the following actions:

  • Check if the device is connected to PC.
  • Wipe Data or Factory Reset.
  • Reset Gmail login after trying many times wrong.
  • Check device connection in fastboot mode.
  • Reboot the device and exit from ADB.
  • Exit fastboot mode.
  • Open a command prompt to send commands to the device.
  • Show software info, CPU, and firmware version.
  • Hardware info to determine the IC number of gsensor, touch screen, wifi, camera and more.

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