How To Fix Connectivity Problems Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow start hitting the latest Android devices. It’s considered as a full package because it includes everything you need from a mobile operating system. It comes with plethora of features and optimizations to make your phone runs smoothly.

However it might be great but not perfect. Marshmallow user have reported a strange connectivity issues. But it can be easily fixed and in this article we are going to talk how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Android Marshmallow. It doesn’t matter if it’s an official firmware or a Custom ROM. The connectivity problem is spotted on both of them.

However these easy tricks will be very helpful to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Marshmallow. Sometimes this kind of issues might be unimportant and only related to the software. Usually apps crash and they cause similar issues that seems to be strange, but if you just restart everything you can fix them.

So if you are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Android Marshmallow, try these simple tricks. They may sound ridiculous but they are proven to work and solve the problems. You must check also how to fix battery drain on Marshmallow. For sure you want to increase the battery lifetime a bit so make sure to check that article.

Marshmallow connectivity problems

The first thing you should do when you experience connectivity issues is to toggle Airplane Mode on and then off. To do so swipe down from the top of the screen and then find the Airplane Mode icon. Tap on it to turn it on and then turn it off again. It may be so easy to be true but you will be surprised how much toggling Airplane Mode on and off can solve.

If that doesn’t work try to restart your device. Sometimes some apps crush and they can cause issues. Rebooting the phone can fix all of them and also can solve connectivity problems on Android Marshmallow.

Have you connected before to that network? Is it saved on your device? If the answer is yes, forget the connection and try to reconnect again. Also if you can access the router, turn it off and then turn on again.

Finally, if the problem isn’t solved yet go to Settings > Backup and reset > Networks settings reset. 

Reset all the network settings and then configure them again. If the connectivity issue is not solved yet then you have to investigate if it’s the problem with the device or with the routes. If you have any other device try to connect it to the same network you’re trying to connect.

Also you should try to connect the device you are experiencing problems to any other network. So you can find if there is a problem with your device or with the router.

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