How To Fix Galaxy S5 Null IMEI Number Issue

Null IMEI number is a well-known issue on Samsung Galaxy devices. Almost every Galaxy device suffer from this problem but fortunately, there are some tricks you can perform to fix it.

Here you will learn how to fix Null IMEI problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 and probably on other Galaxy devices.

Null IMEI is a serious problem because it doesn’t allow you to use the phone main services such as SMS, calling, and mobile data or the internet. Simply the phone does not recognize your SIM card so you can’t use it services. Even though you have a SIM card inserted the phone will look like it is not registered on the network.

It’s a pity that Galaxy devices suffer from such strange and nasty problems. Even the earlier devices are quite good and not to mention the Galaxy S7 or S8. However, even though almost all Galaxy devices suffer from the Null IMEI number problem, in this post will focus how to fix this issue especially on Galaxy S5

All the issues reported until now are all software related so this means that can be easily fixed. Galaxy S5 users have reported various issues but as I said before they are all software issues. Null IMEI is the most serious problem reported until now and in this article, we are going to share some workaround solutions so you can get rid of this issue.

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1- Restore and fix Null IMEI problem on Galaxy S5

Firstly you will need to enable USB Debugging on Galaxy S5. To do that go to Settings > About Phone and find Build Number. Tap repeatedly 7 times on it and a notification will show telling you that “Developer Options” is unlocked.

Now go to Developer Options and find USB Debugging, then check the box under it. Connect your phone to PC through a USB cable and make sure your phone is properly connected. For a better connection, you should install the proper USB Drivers.

Once your phone is connected to PC download EFS Restorer Express. Open it and double-click on the EFS-Backup.BAT file. Select a method to restore using Odin and you are done.

2- Check for new updates on Galaxy S5

If a new update is available for your Galaxy S5 you should download and install it. If you haven’t received any notification yet you should go to Settings > About Device > Software Update and let your phone check for updates.

When a new update is available simply download and install it. It won’t affect your personal files so it’s safe to download an install it.

Hope this two solutions will work for you to solve the IMEI problem on Galaxy S5. If you have any other question feel free to as in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you.

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