How To Boost The Speaker Volume On Galaxy Gear 2

Did you know that you can quickly increase the speaker volume on Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches? In this post, we will share a trick how to boost the sound on Galaxy Gear 2.

Smartwatches have only a small speaker which is designed to make a small sound when you receive any notification. Unfortunately, in some noisy places, you won’t be able to hear that sound. So if you see this as a problem and want to increase the speaker sound on Galaxy Gear 2 than you are in the right place.

This article will help you do that. Once you boost the sound of Galaxy Gear 2 besides the notifications you will be able to listen also songs while you are working at the office or you just lay down in bed.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatches are not designed to stay as a stand alone speaker that’s why they don’t have a louder sound. However, you can tweak it a bit and increase the sound of that small speaker.

Once you do it you will definitely notice a slight difference. To increase the sound on Galaxy Gear 2 you will need to use a tool that is basically just a file.bat. When it is executed it will boost the sound volume on Galaxy Gear 2 within a range of a maximum a minimum value.

Below you will find a guide accompanying with screenshots to help you out.

The tool has also some extra features to allow you install and delete ringtones on the Galaxy Gear 2. The device must be rooted otherwise it will not work.

Note: This tutorial works only on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Gear device.

  • First of all, you have to download the file here.
  • Also be sure to have hidden files available on windows.
  • When you extract the files will view something like the picture below.

image 1

Enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy Gear and connect it to PC. Then run the Launcher file.

Select the option 1 and then and the desired value.

Type Yes and press Enter.

Press any key to confirm, then select the option 7 to exit. That’s all, now the Galaxy Gear 2 sound is boosted.


  1. Hi I have tried to download your volume booster for galaxy gear. My laptop won’t run file it’s a hp pavilion g6 ruing windows 8.

    Thanks john

  2. Can you provide me the name of the file that you are experiencing problems.

  3. I’m experiencing problems with Gear_sound_boost_v4-4.rar

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