How To Fix LG G3 Led Notification Light Not Flashing Problem

How to fix Led notification light not flashing problem on LG G3. The new flagship device of LG seems to be one of the most prefered Android device of the moment. It has huge spec and good software improvements that make this device the best of the moment. LG G3 was is the first smartphone who had a QHD display.

Despite all the feature and improvements it has also even some problem. No smartphone is perfect, each one has it own problem. So even the LG G3 seems to have some little problems. The last  one reported problem is a glitch with the LED notification light. A few LG G3 users have reported this issue. They say that the LED notification light don’t work consistently.

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It might flash up for somethings and for others not, it flash for charging but now when you receive a notification. To make the LED notification light to work in all the cases are a few thing you can do. Look below for tips to fix the LED notification light not flashing issue on LG G3. This few things are worth to try to get the LED flash work again.

lg g3 led notification light

  • Pull down the notification shade and be sure that the quick toogle for LED notification ligh is on.
  • Go to Settings > Display > Notification LED and be sure it is toggled on and then tap all the options of and then turn on again.
  • Also check in Settings > Accessibility > Notification LED
  • Remove tha back cover and pull out the battery. Wait for few seconds then place it back and turn on the LG G3.
  • You also could try to use app like Light Flow or Light Manager.

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  1. I have the LG G3s and I have tried ALL of these solutions. I’ve even sent the phone back and received a replacement one, but still…the same problem – the LED just doesn’t work. It doesn’t even turn on when the phone is charging. Is there anything I can do!?

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