How To Install Multiple ROMs On Nexus 6 With MultiROM

Do you like to install more than a ROM on your Nexus 6? Do you like to try other operating system without affecting your primary ROM? Here is the solution. Install MultiROM and in a few steps you can easily add more than one ROM on your Nexus 6 device.

If you don’t know what is MultiROM I am going to do a short description. It is some kind of a Mod or tool for Android devices allowing you to install more than a single ROM on your device. MultiROM has been available for a few devices. Few days before Nexus 6 hasn’t received a port of MultiROM. Only now MultiROM landed on Lollipop.

It is the best tool you can find to install more than one ROM on Android devices. MultiROM is also the most safety method to dual boot ROMs on Android devices. So if you want to try MultiROM go ahead and follow the steps carefully to add, remove and update ROM on your Nexus 6.

Please Note: I shall not held any responsibility if you brick your phone after trying MultiROM. Always remember none of the operation system for phones is made with MultiBoot in mind. MultiROM is a giant hack that had worked fine for many users but this doesn’t mean that problems can’t happen. If you want to do it proceed at your own risk.

Install MultiROM on Nexus 6


How To Add ROMs With MultiROM

  • Turn off your Nexus 6.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • In Recovery select Advanced > MultiROM > Add ROM.
  • Select the ROM zip file you want to add and click confirm.

How To Update and Change ROMs

Primary ROM

  • If you want to install a primary ROM file, you need to flash it as usually in Custom Recovery.
  • If it needed do a Factory Reset, it won’t affect the secondary ROM.
  • In Recovery go to Advanced > MultiROM and do inject curr.boot sector.

Secondary ROM

  • If you want to change the secondary ROM, just delete it and add a new one.
  • If you want to update the ROM go to Advanced > MultiROM > List ROMs and select the ROM you want to update.
  • Select Flash zip and flash ROM’s zip file.

Dual Boot ROMs On Nexus 6 From a USB Flash Driver Using MultiROM

During the installation process, recovery allows you to select the location of the ROM you will install. So to install from a USB Flash Drive, plug in the USB flash driver and wait for a few seconds. Then refresh and it will show the the partition of the USB drive. Select the location and procced with the installation. Only FAT 32 and NTFS are supported.

If you are installing a NTFS or FAT32 partition, you will be asked to set the image size for all the partition. You can’t change it easily so choose carefully. Do a research about those two system partitions and then choose it. Installation from a USB Drive usually last longer than installing from the phone memory.

When you choose the USB on MultiROM, you will have to wait a while until is searches for the USB drive.

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