Improve LG G3 Camera Quality (Photos & Videos) With Latest Camera Mod

The LG G3 has an awesome 13 megapixel Optical Image Stabiliser Plus (OIS+) camera. Presented first on LG G2 and with the Laser Auto Focus feature, this camera claimed to be the best comparing with other phones. It allows you to capture good photos even in bad light conditions. It uses a laser beam to measure the distance between the object and camera sensor.

The 13 MP camera of LG G3 can record ultra HD 4k videos and in terms of sounds, it offers a better quality with an improved microphone that measure the environment to identify the optional audio level in order to have an optimal audio level for clear recording. LG G3 is the first phone which has a 1W speaker, so it offers o good sound quality in videos and music.

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Despite the fact that LG G3 has the best camera of the moment and it allows you to make high-quality photos and videos, still there are some persons which are addicted to photos and want to take the best from their device. The beauty of Android is that it allows you to customize almost everything and there is always space for improvements and changes to make your device even better. Since it allows you to do such  modifications, developers have created different mods to boost not only camera quality but also sound, system performance and many others.


The stock camera bit rate for 4K Ultra HD Videos is 30 mbps. In the first sight it looks perfect. When you watch videos recorded by this camera in a small screen of a phone, they look perfect. But when you watch them on a bigger screen like a 4K TV, you will notice a pixelation due to the low bit rate. The stock camera can record only videos at 30fps. It means that the LG G3 cannot record slow-motion videos. To do it the frame rate needs to be at least 60fps, which is disabled by the manufacture.

improve lg g3 camera quality

Slow-motions videos is a feature supported by LG G3 but the main problem is that the manufacture has disabled this feature by default. So this mod you are going to find below not only will improve the camera quality to make photos even better, it also will enables slow motion video recording.


How To Improve LG G3 Camera Quality & Enable Slow-Motion Video Recording With Camera Mod

You don’t need to install a Custom Recovery on your phone, but it must be rooted.

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  • Download LG G3 Camera Mod from the link above.
  • Unzip the file and open the extracted folder.
  • Open Root Browse and copy media_profiles.xml.
  • Go to System/etc folder and paste media_profiles.xml there.
  • It will ask you to overwrite an existing file. Click Yes.
  • Find media_profiles.xml file. Tap and hold it and select Permissions option.
  • Set file permissions to rw-r-r(0644).
  • Reboot your phone.

Once the phone reboots, launch the camera to enjoy the the good photo and video or record slow motion videos.

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