How to Fix Galaxy S7 Keyboard Lag

Samsung is one of the most popular brands when it comes about smartphone and features. People are crazy about Galaxy S7 and so it is one of the most sold smartphones. But texting issues of S7 have affected its market and this is a serious issue which is faced by many users.

Samsung releases different updates and one among them was Nougat after which Galaxy S7 faced a major issue which resulted in the delay of text. People who have gone for an update are really facing many issues with mobile and make it very difficult to use it smoothly. There are users who are really trying hard to find the solution that can help to get rid of such problems and make mobile work efficiently.

Galaxy s keyboard

Galaxy S7 Keyboard Lag Issue

Galaxy S7 is facing Keyboard Lag issue ad it is especially when the message is being sent or received. It is one of the major problems which is faced by many users especially after Nougat update. It can be due to hardware or software issue and users find it very difficult to deal it.

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If the message received while writing other message keyboard lags and it does not allow to complete the SMS. Galaxy S7 Keyboard Lag is; one message is being sent and trying to send another message as it does not allow the user to type the second message.

How to fix Galaxy S7 Keyboard Lag

  • Rebooting mobile certain number of times might help to get rid of such issue.
  • One can even try to restart mobile in safe mode and also try to delete cache. It is also advisable to erase out cache partition to try resolving the Lag issue.
  • Lastly, if nothing works Master Reset can help to get to the original configuration. It is advisable to take backup while trying to resolve Samsung Keyboard Lag

Text Delay Issue

Nougat update made Samsung Galaxy S7 user frustrated as the texting issues have irritated people who find it very difficult to send and receive the message. There are different problems which are faced while tying message and results in the app crashing.

  1. Galaxy S7 is facing issue while sending and receiving text and picture message.
  2. Users also face an issue which gives an error message to app crashed while tying message.
  3. Galaxy S7 is also facing Text delay issue where sending and receiving a message and sometimes pictures are not on time.

Galaxy S7 Text Delay issue can be resolved by below steps.

Many users found that rebooting the phone in safe mode has helped to solve the issue and make it work as prior. Firmware related issue can be resolved with help of this solution. There are chances that third-party apps are causing such issue and so uninstalling recently installed apps can make the mobile work like before.

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  • Text delay is mainly while receiving and sending the message and so in such scenario trying to clear message data cache might resolve the issue. This will solve an issue that it is caused because of message cache.
  • Firmware problem after update can be one of the reasons for the Galaxy S7 Texting issues. So deleting the system cache can make it easy to solve the texting issue.
  • Reset is also one the solution that can help to solve such issue. But while going to resolve such issue one has to very careful as all the required backups must be done before going to reset. It is very important to have an idea regarding Google ID while going for reset.

These are few steps that can help to resolve an issue regarding text delay or Keyboard Lag. One must try for all such solution to make phone work as required.

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