How to install Android Oreo on AT&T Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Android Oreo is the latest update which was released many months back but AT&T Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users were unable to get benefits from it. Recently Samsung has approved the release of an update of this version and it will take time.

But people who are owing to this phone with AT&T and still wish to get an immediate update can follow below-the given steps to make it possible. The reason why only AT&T can get an update is that the AT&T servers which have come up with this pre-release Oreo update for users.

How to install Android Oreo on AT&T Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge

There are many model numbers which may have a different procedure to install the Android Oreo update. If you have an SM-G930A and SM-G935A for both Galaxy S7 and S7 edge you must follow below-given steps to get benefits of the new release. If you are unaware of the model number of your phone go to Settings and click on about device. This will give complete information about the phone and thus you can find the model number to know whether you’re able to install the update phone or not.

Galaxy S7 Android Oreo


The first basic step is to download the firmware update from the links above:

To install Android Oreo on AT&T Galaxy S7 there are two different way we are going to explain below.

Install Android Oreo on AT&T Galaxy S7 via SDcard

  • Download the zip file from the link above and copy it to an external SD card.
  • Put the SD card into your device and turn it off.
  • Boot it into recovery using the proper key combination. Press and hold at the same time Volume Up + Home + Power Button.
  • Once in recovery, you will notice an option “Apply update from SD card”. Select it and choose the firmware zip file you downloaded.
  • Reboot the phone.

Once your device turns on it will be running Android 8.1 Oreo.

Install Android 8.0 Oreo on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge via ADB

  • Install ADB drivers on your computer.
  • Download and install USB drivers.
  • Turn off your phone and boot it into recovery mode. Press and hold simultaneously Home + Volume Up + Power Button.
  • In recovery, you will see an option “Apply update from ADB”. Choose this option and select the zip file you downloaded from the link above in the download section.
  • Connect the phone to the computer using an original USB cable.
  • Go to the adb folder, press and hold the Shift button and then right-click on a blank space. From the options choose “Open Command window here”
  • On the command prompt window that will open, type the following code:
adb sideload <file path to>
  • The “file path to is the location where the zip file is stored.
  • Once the firmware is installed, reboot the phone.

These were the two methods you can use to install Android 8.1 Oreo On AT&T Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. AT&T servers have the pre-release version and so there are chances of having small bugs. The pre-release version is all about testing by a number of users and also a testing stage so that all bugs can be resolved. Oreo comes up with a new keyboard which will make texting and type more convenient and easy. It also has some more security features which are very important to make confidential data secure.


  1. After i enter .\adb sideload comand nothing at all happens!

  2. Will my phone still remain official in settings

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