Solutions to Fix Galaxy S7 Speaker and Other Wet Issues

The music player and speaker in the Samsung Galaxy S7 gives the mind-blowing pleasure to the music lovers who love to listen to music while travelling, or when they are free or out or want to hear the music of their choice. The soothing sound and excellent music refresh the mood but sometimes a problem arises when you accidentally throw the water on your phone or throw your phone into the water which not only affects the speaker but also go inside to your phone and arise problems like bad sound quality, battery error and other faults in the end. This sucks and becomes a headache for you how to deal with the situation when Galaxy S7 speaker muffled.

In this case, you need a proper guidance and need to follow some simple but effective steps to fix the Galaxy S7 speaker distortion. Well, here we’ve some important steps to be followed when your Galaxy S7 speaker muffled.

Galaxy S7 Wet Issues

How to fix Galaxy S7 wet speaker and issues –

Take the phone out of the water ASAP

The first thing you need to do is take the phone out of the water as soon as possible to avoid more damages that can happen to your phone. This will help your phone to stay safe from more bad effects of water on your Galaxy S7 speaker and battery.

Remove Battery and other peripherals

After saving the phone from water, just remove the backside cover of the phone and remove the battery immediately to avoid more damages that can happen on your phone. Also, remove all other peripherals like ear buds, memory cards. And place all of these things on a dry cloth or a paper.

Dry phone with dry and soft towel

Now the most important thing to do is dry the upper part of the phone from dry and soft towel which will clear and dry the water that you can see outside of your phone.

Use Dryer or Vacuum Cleaner

Bring a dryer and vacuum cleaner and dry carefully. This practice will dry the internal parts of your Galaxy S7 phone and will clear the water from the depth so that your phone will be capable to re-use even after the impact of water.

Place inside the Rice container

Rice is the best option to absorb water and fix the Galaxy s7 speaker muffled situation. Place your phone inside the rice container and ensure you’ve placed between the pieces of rice. It will take little time to absorb the water from the phone.

Place under the sunlight

This is another important step to give a final touch to your efforts. If you get a Galaxy S7 water damage indicator then you should place your phone under the sunlight to get rid of any water in very small places of your phone. Place for a while and let the bright sunlight do its work. Many people do this to get rid of the Galaxy S7 Speaker and other wet issues.

Fix battery again and test your phone

After making the efforts to fix the Galaxy S7 speaker distortion, you have to fix the battery again inside the phone and switch on to check either its working well or not. Do it properly and don’t be hurry because you may find some error or faults which needs to take care of carefully.

Meet an authorized dealer

If you’re still facing Galaxy S7 water damage indicator and your phone is not working, so it is a time to meet an authorised dealer and make your phone check by a professional. Visit your nearest store and let them see the faults and fix the faults so that you can use your phone easily.

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