OnePlus 5 Camera Mod Improve Picture Quality by Reducing JPEG compression

The OnePlus 5 uses very high ISO with a noise control algorithm that makes everything look stance but lacking OIS causes lumpy and blurry images in OnePlus 5. Even if you’ll go with the option zoom your camera at 100% you won’t get an improved picture quality. To solve this problem many of the stock cameras use a feature of image compression so that you can save storage space on your Android Smartphone including OnePlus 5.

But this kind of compression invites poor quality of images with unfocused effects in your Smartphone.
To resolve this issue of image quality XDA comes with new member txx1219 which created a Mod for OnePlus 5 camera to improve the picture quality by reducing JPEG compression.

This feature is used to;

  • Escort the internal JPEG quality number determines how much applying to compression after a photo click.
  • Clean spots which create a huge level challenge in many of the photo editing applications.
  • Improve picture quality even after compression.
  • Increase sharpness of picture before going to mod process.

OnePlus 5 Camera Mod

How to install Camera Mod on Oneplus 5

To install OnePlus 5 camera mod first you need to have root access and also install a custom recovery such as TWRP. If you haven’t rooted your phone yet you can check this guide to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP recovery and root OnePlus5. After you do it, go and read below for the other steps.



  1. Turn off your phone and boot into Recovery.
  2. Flash Magisk file.
  3. Flash the Camera Mod zip file.
  4. Reboot the phone.

How to Configure Camera in OnePlus 5

  • Take your phone and go to the camera settings
  • In the Settings screen, there will be a Photo Section go to.
  • There are 5 options; Config camera, Buffers size, Total imagereader image count, hdr+ burst frame count, calculation hdr+ imagereader image count.
  • Select ‘Config camera’.
  • Now set it with ‘Pixel 2017 (DR DogFood)’.

Lens Blur Setting:

  • Now close the camera app on your phone and restart the Camera App.
  • Go to the humburger menu and select ‘Lens Blur’

Click the picture:

  • Now switched the Selfie mode and you have to click the picture.

You’ll see now an effective and adjusted picture quality with more sharpness and clearness. Have fun.

OnePlus 5 Camera Mod is not a way to improve the picture quality of your phone but tweaking the compression levels so that you get a clear, sharp and polished picture as per need. After the above procedure, you’ll get a readjustment feature of compression which reduces the loss of data normally occurs during compression of JPEG images.

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