How to Fix Galaxy S8 “DQA keeps Stopping” Error

A new bug in the new update rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has been troubling its users. “DQA keeps stopping” is a widespread issue in S8 and S8 Plus. DQA, short for Device Quality Agent has become an annoying problem for all the S8 and S8 Plus users.

What is the Problem?

It is important to know the issue first before searching a solution for it.

DQA is related to WiFi performance and when any Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus is connected to WiFi. This error is popping up making the apps forcibly close.

This error has been popping for every 30 seconds making it very tough for the users to use the mobile. Google was flooded with the questions like “How to fix DQA stopping errors”, these questions were noticed by Samsung on Verizon, T-Mobile and other carrier-branded smartphones that they immediately started working on the issue.


Fixing of “DQA keeps Stopping Error”

Here are some of the methods that you can employ in order to avoid “DQA keeps stopping”

The first and foremost thing that you can do is turning WiFi off, although this solution won’t help you, in the long run, it may resolve the issue for some time.

Disable the high-performance mode of your device

Reboot the device multiple times; this has fixed the DQA error for some users.

Cache partition must be wiped. Turn off the device and turn it on by pressing power, volume up and Bixby button, hold the buttons. You will see ‘No Command’ prompt on screen. Then hold power and press the volume up button. Now you have entered recovery mode. Here all you can use is volume keys to navigate. You will find an option “Wipe Cache Partition”, select it and clear the cache partition.

Force quit the DQA app by going into settings>> Apps>>click the overflow menu>>click show system apps>> find DQA and then disable it. Though force stopping the system apps may create some issues, it is better to force quit the app for some time.

Install DQA APK on your phone. Then go to settings>> security or lock screen and security>> allow installing apps from unknown sources. Locate the APK from the file manager and install it. Now you won’t find any issue even on WiFi.

Install BK Package Disabler (costs 150$), and grant the permissions. Go to systems tab, locate DQA and check the box next to it. Root is not required for this app.

Samsung has released an urgent update for fixing this issue but some people are facing the same problem after updating it also. You can check for the update in Samsung Galaxy Apps. Sign into the Galaxy Apps if you haven’t and download any update you get there.

Follow the above steps order wise and you may get the solution for your problem from initial steps only which will even save your 150$ and help you resolve the problem easily.

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