How to Fix Galaxy S7 TouchWiz Lag

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with best features that have made so many people purchase it and get the best experience. But the situation changed after Nougat update as it introduced many issues which made users frustrated as it made very difficult to use mobile effectively.

There is the different issue like text delay, keyboard lag and many more. One more issue which has made it very difficult to use Galaxy S7 is TouchWiz lag. Samsung Galaxy S7 is facing lagging and freezing issue and this issue is faced by many S7 users. The main reason because of which there is TouchWiz Lag can be hardware or firmware issues.

Reasons for TouchWiz Lag

  • One of the main reason why Galaxy S7 faces such issue is an optimization of apps when the firmware is updated.
  • Firmware updating can clash with third-party apps. There are chances that new updates firmware is not supported by third-party apps which are installed on the phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 after updating might clash with old stored caches of the phone. The new system of a phone might not be compatible with system cache and can result in TouchWiz lag.
  • Updating might corrupt some system files and even data which interrupt normal functionality of the phone. Lagging and freezing of TouchWiz could be because of such corruption of data that are stored on phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7

How to fix Galaxy S7 TouchWiz Lag

Solution 1 – Clear cache

One of the best solution to resolve lag and freeze problem is to clear cache. It is very easy to clear system cache and delete old data that might not be in sync with new firmware and can cause interruption that result in lagging.

  1. Pressing power, home and volume down button at the same time will show Samsung Logo.
  2. Volume down button must be tapped to bring menu which has wipe cache partition.
  3. One has to select it using the power button and click yes. This process might take some time and the last step is to reboot the phone.

Solution 2 – Turn off live wallpapers

There is one more solution that has given a positive response to users who are having TouchWiz lagging and freezing and it is to turn off wallpapers. It is said that live wallpapers can make phone work negatively and so in this scenario trying this solution might help out. One can try having a normal wallpaper instead of living wallpapers.

Solution 3 – Restart in safe mode

You can try to restart mobile in safe mode. It is very easy as one has to follow steps same as clearing cache but this time option must be Safe Mode which is in the left corner of the screen. This option is also effective in some scenario as TouchWiz lag is been resolved with it.

Solution 4 – Changing animation of S7

Changing animation can help on fixing Galaxy S7 TouchWiz lag issue. It is very easy to do so. Just go to Developer Option > Animation Scale to change it. There are three options. By default is set to 1x and so slowing down it can slow down animation of the phone. Once changes are done it is important to reboot the phone and check if results are positive.

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Solution 5 – Uninstall third-party apps

There are many third-party apps that are not compatible with firmware and so it is important to update the apps if it is possible or else remove such apps. There are chances that the new firmware is not able to work with other third-party apps.

Solution 6 – Master Reset

The last step which can bring factory default setting is to do the master rest. All the data in internal memory of phone will be deleted while performing such reset and there is no option to recover. So, the backup must be done before proceeding forward.

  1. First, switch off the phone and then hold home, volume up buttons. Lastly, press and hold the power key and this until Samsung logo is not displayed on the screen. One must hold home and volume up buttons even after logo appears and release it after 30 seconds.
  2. Now select option wipes data/factory reset and press power key.
  3. Now reboot the system with help of power button and this might solve an issue.

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