Top Trending Apps For Android Devices

There are a plethora of applications on the Android market. It’s almost impossible not to find an app that will do everything you ever want. There is an app for every task you want to do. From strange games to cool apps I’m pretty sure you have never thought about all the apps you can download for free on Play Store.

We have written before about some apps, you may have never thought they exist. In today’s article, we will share the most trending apps every Android user must know. We will give a brief description of what these apps do and if you like any of them you can head over to Play Store and download them for free.


Socratic is an educational app; it is quite useful to solve a math problem. It will not only give you the solution but it also will show you all the steps so you can learn how to do it next time when you have a similar problem.

Socratic App

How it works

It’s quite easy to use Socratic app. simply take a picture of the math problem and their algorithm will figure out the problem and show you the solution among the concepts you need to learn to solve the problem. Socratic’s team of educators are creating high visual free content to teach every important school curriculum concepts.

Key Points

  • It is such a powerful app for understanding the problem and solve it.
  • It gives a quick solution to your problem and teaches exactly how to do it.
  • You will get an explanation of videos and also a step by step guide to understanding the concepts better

Download the App from play store here: Socratic

App Lock

We all do have important files such as pictures, videos, documents and more. We all do receive messages, emails that we don’t like the others see these. So it’s quite normal to protect them using an app lock. Sometimes it can happen a friend takes you phone and check your files. It can be annoying so better keep it safe than being sorry not doing it.

App Lock is a great app and it’s free. It comes with plenty of options but if you think you need more, you can try the premium version even though the free version it’s quite good. The app is very simple to use and allows you to lock some of your apps with a password.


Key Points

  • Locking your favorite apps such as messages app (WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and more)
  • Hide personal images and videos. They will vanish completely from the gallery.

Download the App from Play Store here: AppLock


Feedly, as the name says will feed you with the latest news, trends and much more information. Every day, millions of people use Feedly to learn the latest news by following the best magazines, your favorite blogs and every other source of information you would like to follow.

It is RSS reader which means you can subscribe to various websites at once. You can add your interests and the app will bring those topics first. Feedly makes available to you to read about your favorite topic without spending the time to search. It will bring the latest news right on your phone.

Feedly App

It allows you to organize the publications, blogs, YouTube channels and more in one single place to read and share more efficiently. You can navigate faster through different websites and stick to your favorite to read about the strangest places people should see or maybe about the latest discoveries in medicine.

The app is completely free and you can download it here. Feedly


Groupon is such a fantastic app. It allows you to browse the app and find coupons for goods and services. It is becoming very popular because of the fact that everyone loves getting a discount somewhere. Sometimes you can find unbelievable coupons up to 50-90% and you can use them to buy in more than 50 cities in the world.


Key Features

  • Buy and redeem coupons on deals directly from your mobile phone.
  • Track your purchased voucher by location and expire date.
  • Free to download. Get it here: Groupon

Antivirus App

Every Android device should have an Android Antivirus app installed and AVG is my favorite because it is light, doesn’t need much memory space and it could run smoothly on almost every Android device. The free version offers quite a lot protection but for more, you can always subscribe to the premium version.

AVG Antivirus

App features

  • Real-time scan and protection from viruses, malware, and harmful content.
  • Scan the installed apps and contents to find the corrupted files and the harmful one.
  • Scan websites and if any suspicious URL is detected it will redirect to the safe page.
  • Monitor battery consumption and increase the performance of the phone.
  • Kill some tasks and processes to speed up the phone.
  • Locate the phone in case it’s stolen or lost.

This antivirus is free for all Android users, and it is available in 33 languages. Download the AVG Android Virus Scan.


My favorite app all time. Why get a Kindle device when you can read your lovely books on your smartphone. This app is designed for reading lovers to read the favorite books anywhere and anytime. Why need to carry 10 books with you when you can get hundreds of them on your phone?


Kindle features

  • Thousands of books to read for free.
  • Easily shop the newly released book and best sellers.
  • Read the first chapter of the book for free and then decide to buy it or not.
  • Borrow e-books from the library and check out books at the local library.
  • Built-in dictionary to look up words instantly while reading the book

Download the App from Play Store here: Kindle

We hope you find this article helpful and informative, If you have any questions regarding these apps then feel free to share your thought in the comment section below.

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