How To Turn On / Off Night Shift Mode on iPhone X iOS 11

Apple Company is not just providing smart and intelligent phones but also providing some unique features which take care of human health also. One of its great and unique features is “Night Shift Mode”. For today’s world, Night Shift Mode is a very useful feature for any smartphone user. It helps you to protect your eye in the night from blue ultraviolet light and it also warms the light of your smartphone which in turn prevent your eye damage from light.

When Apple released Night Shift Mode they also provide a control center with a flashlight. Now you’ll start thinking what about the purpose of that?

Well, in iOS 10 Night Shift option is easy to find but in iOS 11 Night Shift option is little difficult to find and to get it enabled. We’ll discuss about all things but first, let us understand what about the feature of Night Shift in iOS 11.

What is Night Shift feature in iPhone X ios11?

Night Shift mode is an option which adjusts the display on your iPhone to warmer the colors whenever you want. In the night, it automatically changes your phone display which helps you to easily use your phone without having any bad effect on your eye.

When Night Shift is enabled, the screen is warmer in appearance. This simply means that the colors will shift to be more orange and brown on the display, almost having a sepia tone type appearance.

When you’ll turn on “night shift on until time” switch from the settings, it will simply keep away your phone from night time wake up situation. Earlier F.lux technology and now night shift toggle switch help you to be in a cool mind-space by reducing blue light of your iPhone.

After enabling this mode in iPhone you’ll first have to set a rhythm and do some setting in the Day/Night or you can even schedule custom apart from day and night option. A custom schedule also helps you to keep away from regular and daily basis setting on your iPhone.

iOS 11 night shift mode

How to enable Night Shift option on iPhone X iOS11?

Ohk, so after knowing all the features of ‘Night Shift mode’ now come to the point that where it is available and how to enable it. You could not miss this feature and that’s why I am sharing with you steps to enable Night Shift option on your iOS11 phone.

  1. First, make sure your ios11 is ON and then open Control Center
  2. At the display of phone on the vertical side, brightness slider is available.
  3. Tap on the slider and slider will expand to full screen.
  4. Tap to Night Shift button
  5. Finally, your Night Shift option is enabled.

Through Control Centre also you can enable Night Shift in ios11:

  1. Open Control Centre on the iPhone by swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. There is an option which looks like a sun image on the screen, just tap and hold that until it open brightness settings. Sun icon on the image is a slider for brightness settings.
  3. After that automatically Brightness slider will be enlarged and “Night Shift “setting will be visible. Tap and enable Night Shift in ios11.
  4. If Night Shift option is enabled in your ios11 settings, toggle switch will turn orange and displayed “Night Shift ON Until” within bracket time.

Through iOS settings app:

  1. Go to the ”Display & Brightness“ then to “Night Shift “
  2. After that manually enable or disable and adjust color temperature.
  3. If Night Shift option is enabled then screen automatically will be warmer in appearance.
  4. When Night Shift option is enabled, colors will shift to be more orange and brown on display.

By following above all steps, you can easily enable Night Shift option in iOS11 and prevent yourself from unwanted warm light by color/temperature control option, night wake up by scheduling the mode and prevent from disturbance.

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