How to Fix Server Does Not Allow Relaying Error on iPhone 8

If you are an Apple iPhone 8 user and getting messages like “A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient email address was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying”, then this is a problem of the Apple device in which you are unable to send and receive mail from others, however; this problem is related to the server and can also be fixed easily.

This problem usually comes in the stock when users update their Apple phone due to any of the reasons. Well, for an iPhone 8 user obviously this is not a common problem. In fact, some people say iPhone can’t email right. This problem is commonly understood or called as ‘server not allowing relaying’.

And here are the basic 5 ways I’m going to describe that, how to fix ‘server does not allow relaying error’ on iPhone8.

But first, we should try to understand the reasons why these types of errors occur.

Primary reasons why the server does not allow relaying:

Recently many of the apple users have complained the same problem with their iPhone and iPad as well. This is really a common error but luckily you can fix it by resetting your credentials of mail id and account.

There are other solutions also we have but let us understand the reason why this problem usually occurs with iPhone?

  • Most of the times it happens when any user is trying to access multiple emails at a single point in time.
  • Sever may also stop relaying if there is a network issue on your phone.
  • If there is no proper setting of the outgoing mail server on the phone.
  • If there is no proper setting of SMTP on the phone.
  • Also when there is no proper setting of the primary server in the phone.

Ways for fixing server which does not allow relaying on iphone8:

If you are an Apple user don’t be panic if you are facing this situation of ‘server not allowing relaying’ error because here I’m going to discuss some solution you can easily go through.

Mail setting to SMTP setting there are some very simple and user-friendly way to fix this problem.

There are mainly 5 simple ways which may be helpful to fix your relaying issue.

1. Setting of outgoing mail server settings:

  • Firstly go to the settings- Mail- tap on your email account.
  • Next, go to Account option then select ‘outgoing mail server’ section.
  • In this section tap on “SMTP”
  • Now go to primary server option and click here.
  • Then fill your username and password
  • After that tap to “Done “for Dave changes


2. For AOL Email Users, error occurs due

  • Go to settings- Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select your account
  • Select SMTP from Account Info page
  • Be ensure that server is on and hostname is
  • After that check that your AOL username and password is correct.
  • Also, check that server port is set to 587

3. Checking Flight mode of your iPhone 

  • Problem may be due to network, so check Flight mode
  • Swipe your phone
  • Click on Airplane icon to enable Flight mode.
  • Again check on to Flight mode to disable Flight mode.

4. For another email user if not using AOL Email

  • If you are not using AOL Email then go to Settings-Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • After that go to Account and then to Account Info
  • After that SMTP and turn off the primary server and turn on another SMTP server like AT &T.

5. Last option is to delete your Account

  • The problem may be due syncing of email with your device can’t be avoided.
  • Re-sync your email by deleting and adding your Account again.

Above mentioned steps are very used and user-friendly steps by which you can resolve your problem but after trying all the ways you won’t get matter solve then don’t wait and go to the service center of Apple.

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