TWRP Recovery For Galaxy Note 7 – Install With Odin

The guys behind the TeamWin Recovery Project created a version of the recovery for the Galaxy Note 7. So in this article we are going to learn how to install TWRP on Galaxy Note 7. It wouldn’t make sense a device like Note 7 not having a custom recovery.

If you come across this article by random and you may have a lot of question. If you wanna learn more about Android here is a list with Android root terms explained for newbies. There you will find also a definition for a custom recovery and why it’s needed.

But if you know what you are doing and have installed before a Custom Recovery, ROMs, Kernels, skip this step and go directly to the steps below to install TWRP on Galaxy Note 7.


Installing TWRP using this guide is extremely easy. We are going to use ODIN flash tools which is the best to install files on Android device. It’s the fastest and safest way. So without further ado let’s jump into the tutorial to download TWRP for Galaxy Note 7.

Getting things ready
  • Enable OEM Unlock. Go to Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlock. If you can’t find Developer Options under Settings, here is a guide how to enable them.
  • Install Samsung USB drivers. If you haven’t installed yet then download the proper Android USB drivers.
  • Charge your device at least 60% so it won’t shut down unexpectedly. Also make sure to use an original USB cable.

How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

First of all before going any further make sure you have installed Samsung USB drivers on your computer otherwise it will fail to detect the phone. So you won’t be able to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Note 7. Once you install the drivers follow carefully the other steps.

  • Download DM-Verify package from the link above. Move it on your phone internal storage. This is a must because if you don’t flash it after the recovery, the phone will not boot up.
  • Take your phone now and boot it into Download Mode. Firstly turn it off and wait for few seconds. Then press Home + Volume Down + Power button in the same time. The phone will boot into Download Mode. Once the screen turns blue press the Volume Up key.
  • Connect your phone to computer through an original USB cable.
  • On your Windows computer open ODIN and click on the AP Tab. Select the recovery.tar file you downloaded from the link above depending on your phone variant. Also check the ID:COM box. If it is blue you are ready to go. ODIN has recognised your device so go further.
  • Uncheck the Auto Reboot option if it’s checked.
  • Click the START button on Odin and wait for it to install the Recovery.
  •  Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power key. Your device will boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Navigate to the install section and select the Confirm and wait for it to be installed.
  • Once it finishes, reboot your Galaxy Note 7.

That’s all. If you have followed all the steps carefully you will end up in a Galaxy Note 7 with TWRP Recovery installed. If you need further assistance or have a question let us know on the comment section below and we will be happy to help you.

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