These 5 Apps For iOS (iPad & iPhone) Will Protect Your Photos & Videos From Unauthorized People

Smartphones have replaced digital cameras. Almost all the people use their phone to capture their unforgettable moments. You might have too much personal photos and videos on your device so it might be a good idea to protect them for unauthorized peoples.

In this article I’m going to do a short review of five of the best app for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad that will help you to protect your personal files. To access your personal files is so easy. Someone can ask you for the phone and easily go to gallery and all your personal files are there.

To prevent this happening is better to make them invisible unless you decide to unlock them. To make it easy for you I have covered the best apps you can find in App Store that will protect your photos and videos and in some cases even the documents, notes and much more.

1 – Keep Safe

As the name says Keep Safe will protect your personal files like photos and videos under a PIN. If you put your files on Keep Safe no one can access them. If any one like friends, family go to gallery will see only what is in the public Gallery but not in Keep Safe. This is the best choice for those who want to keep some files in private without being noticed.

Keep Safe will protect your files on iphone and ipad

Another neat feature of Keep is that it allows you to set a password for different albums on your iOS device. You also can choose an image to be used as a cover. Keep Safe is available on Play Store and you can download it for free.


2 – Secret Photos KYMS

At the first sight KYMS looks like a calculator, not a simple one but a stylish calculator. It might look like that but inside it hides an inviolable vault in which to hide and encrypt all your files with a military grade security (AES Encryption). KYMS is the first app that decrypt files in real time and you don’t have to wait anymore. This mean that only by taping on a file, it will start immediately and the decryption will run in background.

KYMS app keep your files safe on ios device


3 – Hi Folder

This is another useful app to help you to protect your personal files from other people. Hi Folder brings a Four-Fold-Protection system and keep the privacy away from prying eyes. The apps comes with plethora of features. You can use a pattern or a password to protect your files. A neat feature of Hi Folder is that besides the high protection it brings also a login report to see who has tried to access your folders. The app is available on App Store but the free version supports only 30 photos and 5 videos.

Hi Folder will protect you photos and videos on iphone




4 – Private Photo Vault

This app is highly rated from iOS users and this let us think it could be one of the best app to keep your files safe on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. You can protect your photos and videos using a pattern or a PIN as lock method for your Album. So it will keeps your videos and photos safe. An awesome feature of ths app is that you can capture a photo and get GPS location in case of a break into the app.

private phot vault iphone app


5 – Lock Photo+ Video

Lock Photo+ Video

Lock Photo+ Video is another great aoo which allow you to manage your private photos, videos and even text messages and notes very easy. You can set passwords for Admin or the other users to prevent them from accessing your files. It also allows you to decoy account to conceal your privacy for more protection. If it’s needed to force open this app in some case, the decoy accounts for admin is a good way to hide your personal files.

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