How to Use an Android Spy App Without Root

A large number of people in the world use Android devices and prefer them to iOS devices. The reason for this is that Android devices are more user-friendly and flexible with apps, unlike iOS devices. Somehow, there is a greater need to track Android devices for a number of reasons. Sometimes, employers want to track their employees, and at other times, parents want to track their kids and their mobile device usage. Sometimes, spouses and couples find it necessary to spy on their partners. This is why many people look for how to use Xnspy, an android spy app no root required.

How to Track the Target Device

With this software installed on a target device, you can monitor everything he/she does without detection. You can also control the target device remotely. You have the option to inform the target person that you are watching, but in some cases, users may choose to use the app without telling the target person. It operates in the hidden mode, which makes it more valuable. It gives you access to all call logs, text messages, IM chats, emails, browser history, and GPS location of the target device. You can see all conversations on iMessage, Facebook messengers, WhatsApp, Skype, KIK, LINE, Viber, and Tinder. You can even see all photos and videos on the target device. The app also has the ability to record calls and ambient surroundings.

What Is Rooting and How the Android Spy App No Root Works

The term “Rooting” means to obtain permission and rights to alter the Android software on a target device. Doing this facilitates users to easily download and install customised software on the target device. Many hackers use rooting to gain unauthorized access to the target device, which is why rooting a device is highly unadvisable. It makes the rooted Android device an easy target for hackers.

Mostly, people root a device to install tracking software without permission. This can be a cumbersome process, which compromises the security of the target device. The main reason for opting to root a device is when you do not want the target person to suspect that you have installed a tracking app on the device. However, now that there is an android spy app with no rooting required, you can easily install it on the target device and monitor it stealthily. The main reason for wanting to use this app is if you want to know the activities of a specific person, and nothing would remain hidden from you.

xnspy spy app

Android Tracking without Root Using XnSpy

Xnspy is one of the few applications available for Android tracking without the need to root the device. In fact, with this app, it is also possible to monitor an iOS device without jailbreaking it. Since the idea is to install it on a target device to monitor everything the person does without letting them know, employers, parents, spouses are the main users of the app. All they have to do is subscribe to it for every device they want to monitor. From the control panel, users can see all the activities in detail, and while they do this, the target person would not even know it. This form of monitoring proves very effective because it doesn’t cause the target device to hang, slow down, and doesn’t cause the battery to run down too soon.

How to Download and Use the XnSpy Android Spy App No Root

Step 1: Buy the app and follow the installation guide

The basic and premium versions of the app are available at

There are different payment plans for users to choose, with the least package being the 1-month subscription. It is mandatory to subscribe for at least a month for users who want to try the app. There is no free version of the app, instead, there’s something even better. There is a live demo on the site, which gives potential users a clear idea about how the control panel shows all monitoring features in a dashboard. Other plans available are the quarterly and annual packages. You can subscribe to any that suits your budget.

Step 2: Download and install the app

You will require physical access to the target device to download and install the app. When you subscribe to it, you will receive an email with the download link and instruction. When you install the app, you will have to enter the activation code you receive and then start monitoring the device remotely from a control panel.

Step 3: View Mobile Usage Remotely

The dashboard on the control panel has tabs for each mobile activity. All you have to do is select individual tabs. On your screen, which may be your smartphone or a PC, you can see everything with details. You can see all text messages, call logs, conversations on IM chats, GPS location, photos, and videos, emails, and listen to recorded calls and ambient surroundings. To view the control panel, all you need is a browser and internet connection. You can use any mobile device to access the control panel.

Devices Supported

Xnspy supports all kinds of Android devices, as long as the device has an operating system more than 2.3.x.

Whenever there is an internet connection, the app automatically uploads the data it collects onto the control panel. You can configure the app to send you alerts whenever there is activity on the target device. Some features strictly work on a rooted device, so make sure you check it out. The customer support is always available to assist you.

Before you move on from this post, it is important to mention that Xnspy has thousands of users worldwide. The numbers of users keep increasing because the app offers them complete satisfaction. For employers, the app helps keep the company information safe and increases employee productivity. The rates are competitive too, making the app a success with many people. You can subscribe to the basic or premium version and get access to features according to your needs. Subscribe to it today and start monitoring any device you want. It also works on all iOS devices (jailbroken and non-jailbroken).

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