Activate And Use Project Fi On Nexus 5 With This Simple Trick

Project Fi is a program announced by Google to deliver fast and easy wireless experience in partnership with the biggest carriers, hardware makers and users. As the beginning the idea is that Nexus 6, Google latest flagship device will have a SIM card that will access Sprint or T-Mobile depending which will serve you better service.

The main intention of Project Fi is to bring easy communication across different networks and a high-quality connections. According to Google the main goal of Fi is to keep you connected wherever you are. So if you are using LTE and the signal isn’t stronger, Fi will try to connect to a WiFi hotspot to make things easier. You also can make calls and send text messages over WiFi.

With Fi you can get unlimited calls, messages and huge amount of GB to navigate on internet. The beauty of Fi is that if you don’t use all the GB you have bought they will return you the money back. Google has made available Project Fi only to Nexus 6 and the fact it uses a nano SIM while the other devices use a micro SIM make people to believe that it’s true.

Project Fi enabled on Nexus 5

A developer at the XDA while he was experiencing with its device, found a way to use Fi and the Nexus 6 SIM card even on Nexus 5. The procedure is very easy and it doesn’t require any special knowledge to do that. You probably are thinking that you will need to modify any file system or  flash any mod but to enable Project Fi on Nexus 5 is very easy.

Enable And Use Project Fi & Nexus 6 SIM Card On Nexus 5

To activate Project Fi and use Nexus 6 SIM card on Nexus 5 actually you will need both devices. Firstly you will need the Nexus 6 to activate the SIM card then the Nexus 5 where you will use the card. Sometimes it might work even without activating the card on Nexus 6 but to make sure that everything will work fine you should better use the Nexus 6 to activate it.

At first you have to join the Project Fi and get the SIM card. Then put it on a Nexus 6 to activate the card otherwise it might not work. Once the card is activated make sure that everything is working fine. Then the next thing you have to do is ti find a micro SIM adapter because the Nexus 6 uses a nano SIM so you will need an adapter to put it on Nexus 5. This is a easiest thing to do because there are several ways you can but it.

Before inserting the new SIM card on your Nexus 5 it’s recommended to factory reset the device. Once you do that put the new SIM card on your Nexus 5 and turn on the phone. Then head over to Play Store and type in the search bar Project Fi. Download and open the application so you can activate Fi on Nexus 5. Once you open the app you can see that your phone will get signal.

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