Download CyanogenMod CM 12 Apps Material Design – No Root

CyanogenMod is an operation system for mobile phones and tablets based on stock Android. CyanogenMod is considered as the best operating system for Android since it is created by developers who don’t have to be with any manufacture or Google.

Developers of CyanogenMod are free and they develop this ROM based on the latest release of official Android. Once a new version of Android is out, also another CyanogeMod ROM is there and waiting for you to install and enjoy the features of new releases even before the update come to your phone.

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CyanogenMod offers features and options not found in the official Android firmware. These features includes theming support, a large access point name list, an open VPN client, Privacy Guard, CPU overclocking and a huge number of features. According to developers, the ROM does not contain any bloatware or spyware like the official firmware do.

cyanogenmod 12 CM apps for android

CyanogenMod operating system has also its own apps that can be better than those presented in official firmware. Thanks to the amazing CyanogenMod team of developers, you can install those apps on your device.


  • Android 4.2 and higher. Supports 5.0 Lollipop
  • No Root.
  • Download CM 12 Apps here.

In the download link above you will find CMApps. It allows you to install all CyanogenMod apps on you device and the beauty is that no root is needed to do that. We do not make the apps. They are thanks to CyanogenMod team. Currently you will have the chance to install and enjoy:

  • Camera
  • Camera Next
  • File Manager
  • Apollo
  • DSP Manager
  • Clock Widget
  • Sound Recorder
  • Wallpapers
  • Torch
  • Calculator
  • Trebuchet

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The apps don’t work sometimes because they are made to install on the CyanogenMod ROM itself. But hoever give it a try. If you can have any question feel free to ask in comment section below.

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