How To Root Lenovo Tab S8-50

Finally the guide for rooting Lenovo Tab S8-50 is here. You will find it below and well explained step by step. Rooting is something that gives you full control over your device. It allows you to install and use apps that need special permission. Sometimes this apps which need root access are very useful.

So don’t lose time and let’s go ahead with the guide How To Root Lenovo Tab S8-50. Before continuing make sure to enable Developer Options. To do so go to Settings > About Phone > and tap 7 on Build Number. You will see a message saying “You are now a developer”. Then go to Developer Options and make sure to enable USB Debbugging before connecting the device to PC.

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Also make sure to install the proper ADB drivers for your device on your computer. You can find the drivers easily, just Google them. After enabling USB Debbugging and installing the proper ADB Drivers for you Lenovo Tab S8-50, you can continue to the guide below to root your device.

root lenovo tab s8-50

How To Root Lenovo Tab S8-50

  • Make sure your computer is not connected with any other Android device.
  • Check if ADB Drivers for S8-50 are properly installed.
  • Turn on USB Debbugging on your tablet.
  • Connect the device to PC using the original USB Cable.
  • Download this file, extract it and run the program.
  • Open the app and follow the instructions.
  • If all conditions and requirements are met then after working the program will be closed automatically. The device also will reboot automatically and will appear on the unit program SuperSU.

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If you get an error during the rooting procces saying that ‘ADB sever is out of date killing ADB server didn’t ack’ or something similar to this, you can easily fix it. Open Task Manager on your PC and try closing ADB.exe and restarting it. If it doesn’t fix it, Google the error and probably you will find a way how to solve it.

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  1. Followed everything, and watched the CMD screen. All looked well, and it went through everything. After installing a root checker, it showed that it was not rooted.
    I did it again and nothing.

    • Follow carefully on-screen instruction when you run the tool. Try again and let me know, if still not work I will try find another way to root it.

  2. work fine 🙂
    cool thing dory

  3. Do you have a link for the adb drivers?

  4. excelent, works … I was looking for working s8-50f root how to for about 1,5 hour and then finally found this … thanks again, hope the tablet is still safe now 😉

  5. hi is it work for lenovo tab S8-50LC

    • It’s not tested on that device. You can try it but do at your own risk.

      • I’ve yet to find a device driver package that works asis.
        The trick to get the adb driver to install is to edit the .inf file to make the device ids matchup with the ones
        shown by the Windows Device manager. For me, for my S8-50 we have:

        %Lenovo% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_77D9&REV_FFFF&MI_02
        %Lenovo% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_77D9&MI_02

        If you have a 64 bit machine be sure to fix these lines under the [….NTamd64] stanza or similar.

  6. hey! i tried this on my lenovo tab s8- 50lc. after running the program my device restarted and nothing changes. its all the same. Is there other way to root this? thanks

  7. Can I root my lenovo s8 in android 5.0.1

  8. Dear Dory
    I Upgrade my tablet lenovo tab s8-50lc to Android 5.0.1 (lollipop)
    Know i want to root it after that install custom Rom lollipop or any other version

    I do all of things in your Instructions, Step by Step
    but now it doesn’t work.

    do you have any solution for solving this problem.


  9. Dori, you need to update this webpage. The rooter program you provide here did work with Android 4.x but fails after the latest Lenovo update to Android 5.0.1.

    I’m told the S8_50 can still be rooted by forcing it to load a TWRP or similar recovery program – you have to do this via USB from a PC… I haven’t gotten around to trying this yet.

  10. hey dory. thank you so much. this worked like a charm. but I have some issues maybe you can help me with. I bought my lenovo s8-50lc tab from China and some of the apps are in Chinese language. what’s even worse is that I cannot run any google services like play store google play and therefore cannot download anything and use from google play. For this reason I want to flash the custom kitkat firmware on my tab. your thoughts on that. Also I seem to be having a hard time finding ADB driver for lenovo s8-50lc.

  11. sorry for my english

    Is this work at lenovo s8-50f 5.0.1? I upgraded firmware and finding root method but can’t find how to root this.

  12. i did everything properly and program work as u said but result is nothing…why… plz help me

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