5 Great Smartphone Accessories To Start Using Today

Smartphones can really do it all for us, can’t they?

The Deep Blue supercomputer beat Chess superstar Gary Kasparov back in 1997. It could calculate around two hundred separate chessboard positions in a single second and run at a figure of 11.38 GFLOPS. That FLOPS means a floating point operation per second. Well – if you think that’s power, and at the time it was, then get a load of this – the elderly Samsung Galaxy S5 can run at a figure of 142 GFLOPS.

That’s proof in raw power terms that smartphones can run the show for us. You don’t even need to speak about the apps on offer!

But what about accessories for the smartphone? Our pocket computers are so powerful, and this can be augmented by different objects – speakers, styluses, and others. Let’s take a look at the wonderful world of smartphone accessories.

Bluetooth Speaker

Our smartphones are natural music players and with apps like Spotify flying around, we have enormous discographies right at our fingertips. Adding a beefy speaker to your phone can enhance your musical enjoyment and allow you to boost the volume of your phone.

This is handy in the home, but amazing when you’re having a picnic or are on the beach. There’s a wide range of speakers, from small portable options to heavy duty construction site speakers. You can compare them here http://www.speakerdigital.com/best-under-100/ and find the best option for you!

phone camera lens

Our smartphones are also natural cameras, and the size of the lens on each phone increases with each passing year. They are the go to snapper of the general public and even the photographers are getting in on the act. Boost your shots with an optical zoom lens, and you won’t be needed that SLR camera anymore, with over 30x zoom and WIFI connectivity, a lens can do it all for you and will boost your shots to a professional standard.

Because so many desktop apps can be paired with mobile counterparts, you can do a lot of work on a phone these days. They can even serve as your primary workstation if you are so inclined to do that. Typing is an issue on smartphones, though, and you’ll struggle to craft your 13,000-word thesis without miniature thumbs! A foldable keyboard is a great idea if your smartphone is your workstation and can be just as portable as your phone!

We all know how valuable the smartphone is and we’d be pretty redundant without one in this day and age.

The Proximo Fob is a great investment and can be attached to any valuable from keys, to a wallet, or the phone and will sound an alarm if you walk away from it.

wireless power bank

Finally, our phones are useless without juice and a power bank or portable wireless charger can really save the day. Smartphone batteries are unforgiving, so keep the equipment on hand to give it a boost.

If you’re a smartphone junkie, there should be enough in the list above to keep your phone at full power!

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