Xposed Framework Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Marshmallow – Download and Install

The latest smartphones are already updated to Android Marshmallow. So the developers are working to make their apps compatible with the new version of Android. Wanam the developer of Xposed did the same thing. He updated the framework to work perfectly on Android Marshmallow.

Now Xposed supports also TouchWiz version of Marshmallow, which means that you can install it on your Galaxy S6. We managed to find the proper files and bring them in a single guide for you to make it easy to install Xposed Framework on Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Since Marshmallow is the latest update, there is not much custom stuff for the devices running Android 6.0. The same thing happens with Galaxy S6. We haven’t seen any developer yet, to create a Custom Recovery for it. So the only way to get Xposed on Galaxy S6 Marshmallow is to install an old bootloader and then flash Recovery.

Using the Recovery you can install Xposed and after installing it you can install the new bootloader. Xposed will be already installed after you install the new bootloader. So it won’t affect anything. Just follow carefully all the steps below and in the end you will have successfully installed Xposed Framework on Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Galaxy S6 Xposed TouchWiz Marshmallow

Getting things ready


  • newsboot.tar & oldsboot.tar & recovery.tar. Download them here.
  • Xposed Framework V79.0 Marshmallow support. Download here.
  • Xposed Framework uninstaller. Download here.
  • Odin3

How to installed Xposed Framework On Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Firstly you have to download Odin on your computer and then download Xposed Framework and uninstaller and put them into phone internal memory.

Now turn of your Galaxy S6 and boot it into Download Mode. Press Volume Down + Home + Power Button in the same time.

Open Odin on your PC and make sure the Auto-reboot is unchecked. Then click on the BL tab and choose oldsboot.tar and flash it.

Put your phone again to Download Mode click on AP tab and select Recovery.tar and flash it. Once you flash these files turn off your phone and boot it into Recovery Mode. Press Volume Up + Power Button + Home in the same time.

Once your phone boots into Recovery, navigate to the install section and select the Xposed Framework. Flash it and then turn off the phone and boot it again into Download Mode. 

Connect your phone to PC and once it’s connected open Odin and click on BL tab and select newsboot.tar file. Flash it and restart your phone.

Xposed Framework is now installed on your Galaxy S6 Marshmallow. Go ahead and find your favourite modules and start making your phone cool.

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