How To Unlock Bootloader On HUAWEI Ascend Y530

Here you’re going to learn how to unlock bootloader on Huawei Ascend Y530. If you don’t know already what bootloader is, I will explain it shortly. Bootloader is a kind of code which is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of bootloader is the same on any device and operating system including computers and smartphones.

Talking to Android, every device has a bootloader that instructs the OS, kernel to boot normally. Since Android is an open source system, every manufacture get the source code and use it to make their own version of Android hence every device has a specific bootloader for the hardware. This mean Samsung devices has a different Android version than Huawei devices. Among with the different Android version they have also a different bootloader.

Usually a bootloader is locked on Android devices because even though it’s an open source system, most of the manufactures don’t prefer users make changes to the software that comes with the device. The locked bootloader doesn’t allow you to make changes to the firmware and unlocking it is a must especially when we want to install a Custom ROM. In this article, we will talk about Huawei Y530 phone locked and how to unlock its bootloader.

Getting Prepared

How to unlock bootloader on Huawei Ascend Y530

  • Boot the device to fastboot mode

Turn off the phone (Note: Go to settings and disable the fastboot function, or power off the device, remove the batter and wait for a few seconds before putting it back. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power Key simultaneously for at least 10 seconds and the phone will boot into Fastboot Mode.

  • Connect the phone to the computer

Plug your device to the computer via a USB cable. You have to make sure the computer recognize the device. Open a command prompt window on the fastboot and ADB folder and type fastboot devices. If a message such as 9e42530e fastboot is displayed, it means the connection is set up properly.

  • Run the unlocking command

In the command prompt type the following code:

fastboot oem password unlock

for example fastboot oem unlock 12345678. After entering the unlocking code your device will restart and boot normally. The device bootloader should now be unlocked. If the password is incorrect a a message will display showing you the code is incorrect and the device will enter standby mode.

  • Check whether the unlocking was successful or not

On the command prompt window type:

fastboot oem get-bootinfo

A message will appear and show you the lock state of the bootloader.

It should be something like this: Bootloader Lock State: LOCKED. 

If the bootloader is locked try to repeat the procedure again.

For any reason you want to lock the bootloader again simply install a stock official Huawei firmware using a microSD card. Boot the device to fastboot mode and type the following code:

fastboot oem relock password (password is a 16-digit number)

The device will restart and the bootloader will be locked.




  1. Where do i get this unlock code?

  2. where do I get this code

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