How To Turn Your Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S5 Into a Galaxy S6

Would you like to transform your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6 easy and simple without having to install a Custom ROM or changing file systems. We are happy to tell that you can do it with a few easy steps. Just read carefully this article and within a few minutes you will make your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 looks similar to Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a brand new phone getting ready to involve the markets all around the world. It comes with a new design, differently from the previous devices of Galaxy S series. Galaxy S6 has a premium body made of glass and aluminium frames that makes the phone looks cool. It is the first Samsung phone made of premium body materials. Galaxy S6 has not only a premium body but it features a new Touchwiz skin also, optimized for better performance and with many featured apps.

If you are a Samsung fan I am happy to tell you that you can transform your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6. I am talking about the software because it is impossible to change the hardware and you know that. But you can have all the featured apps of Galaxy S6, its wallpapers and more. Your Galaxy S4 or S5 will be changed totally into a new Galaxy S6.

transform galaxy s5 into s6

A best thing about Android is that with the proper knowledge you can easily port anything from other devices and make it compatible to yours. When I say everything, I mean totally everything beginning from wallpapers and up to applications. Well, wallpapers don’t need much work, simply download the photo and that’s all. But the difficult part is to port the featured apps. Once a new device is released it brings new apps also. Thanks to the amazing developers who do hard work to port the apps, we can enjoy them on the oldest phone. This time Galaxy S6 featured apps are ported to Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 and you can install them right away.

How to transform Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6

Since it is still early and the developers haven’t got the new Galaxy S6 yet, so it’s not possible to create mods and Custom ROMs based on new TouchWiz Skin of Galaxy S6. For now you have to enjoy the apps, Touchwiz launcher theme and wallpapers. They are the biggest part of cake. At first the apps were available for Galaxy S4 but they might work for Galaxy S5 also. Get the apps for free hereAfter installing the apps you may want another piece of cake, so go ahead and grab the Galaxy S6 wallpapers. Also don’t forget to install Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Launcher theme.

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