How To Enable 1440p Video Recording at 60FPS on the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Nowadays everybody wants more than what they have available. Yes, the same thing happens with the smartphones also. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and even S8+ came with a lot of considerable features and promoting for its excellent camera feature. But people are still demanding something extra as they don’t seem very satisfied with it. The same thing happened with senior XDA developer as this is not enough for him to use a proper flagship with full HD video recording in 60FPS.

So the XDA developer facilitates a ‘Zero Camera Mod’ which now enhances your 1440p video at 60 FPS (Frames per Seconds). Some of the other features senior developer Zeroprobe given as below;

  • Stopping of recording time limits
  • For Quad High Definition and 4k, it manages HDR
  • For single shots this feature increase JPG format quality.
  • Enhance video effect for 4K modes.
  • You can set custom shutter speed with more than 10 seconds.
  • You can choose your own custom gallery.
  • It increases rates per bit.
  • Provides adjustment photo edge, sharpness, and different De-Noise settings, currently available for Exynos only.
  • It enables autofocus tracking for all modes.


  • The device should be Android Oreo Camera version 7.5.85 only.
  • With ported S8 ROM this feature supports Galaxy S7 devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Download Camera Restore S8_V4:

First of all, you need to download paid Camera Mod S8 from this link;

As we know that play store gives you paid facility so that’s why you can enjoy this feature with the help of XDA developer’s zip file, link.

One thing you need to understand: there are some features, like; H265/HEVC mode, remove 4GB video file size limitation, custom gallery, custom shutter speed, etc. manages by the play store app only but most of the facilities you can find with this zip file also.

Download and install zero camera mod:

  • Download Zero Camera mod from here;
  • Install the above camera mod, so that restoration process will start.
  • Open the application and you’ll be able to see a Camera Mod S8 screen in which you have to conspires the succeeding settings;
  • You need to mention Edge 5
  • DeNoise should be 5
  • Click the button ’Apply Edge Sharpness & DeNoise’.
  • Be assuring with the shutter values as;
  • Pro Shutter Speed 10=10 seconds
  • Now Pro Shutter Speed 8 on 8 seconds
  • Enter 4K bitrate as 62 MBPS
  • Now mention 98 as JPD quality.
  • Slow motion should be 100 MBPS
  • Now scroll up and you will see the button ‘Restore Camera’ click on the button and you’ll get a processing window for 5-8 seconds.

Your app restoration process has been done now.

Manually Restoration to enable 1440p video recording at 60FPS:

If you download apps from the play store you don’t have to do these settings but as there is a paid conception so you can go with following installation and restoration settings manually;

  • Copy this folder in your root storage of Galaxy S8.
  • Go to the System->priv-app->SamsungCamera7, here you’ll see the file SamsungCamera7.apk
  • Now you have to change the permission of the SamsungCamera7.apk to 644.
  • In the downloaded zip folder you’ll get a file named SamsungCamera7.odex, just copy it and paste in the /system/priv-app/SamsungCamera7/oat/arm64/
  • Now copy camera-feature-v7.xml file from extracted folder and paste into the location /system/cameradata/
  • Replace another file copied from the same location named media_profiles.xml and paste into the /system/etc/media_profiles.xml
  • Now clear the Dalvik- Cache.
  • After you have to go to the path /data/dalvik-cache/arm64/system@priv-app@SamsungCamera7@SamsungCamera7.apk
  • Here you need to remove two files; and classes.dex
  • Please reboot your device now.

Now it’s done enjoy the new feature.

As we all know that nothing is limited if we talk about innovation in information technology. As we know that OEM has been holding back the feature of zero camera mod but developer zeroprobe has proven the power of developer community again by bringing latest Zero Camera Mod features. Just remember one thing; enjoy the new Android feature at your own risk only because nobody will be responsible for any kind of crash or software failure except you.

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