How to Fix Google Launcher Not Working Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Google Now launcher is the most famous launcher at present. The famous Samsung Flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ released in March 2017 also supports the same launcher in order to make it easy to use with clean home screen and easily accessible to apps. But many users have reported issues faced by them while using Google Now launcher on their phones.

What is the Problem?

When users download the Google Now Launcher and are trying to use that launcher, they are facing problems as there were no apps icon on the home screen or apps drawer, in turn, turning the screen blank.

Reason for the Problem?

Many sources are pointing their fingers towards KNOX security present in Samsung Galaxy. Using both KNOX security and Google Now launcher has created a problem.

Keep on reading to know the solution to Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Google now launcher problem.

Google Now launcher problem galaxy S8

Disable the Security Folder and KNOX first.

The first step to resolve this issue is by stop using Samsung’s KNOX feature first. Don’t worry it is just for some time.

Follow the steps to turn off the Security Folder. Go to settings of Samsung Galaxy S8. Open the Lock Screen and Security option. Find the secure folder section. Tap on uninstall option.

If you want the data stored in Secured section, tap on “backup and uninstall” option.

Note: In case you are using full KNOX installation because of a security policy set by IT department then an appropriate and more convoluted step by step procedure must be followed by you.

Download and Install Google Now Launcher.

As you have disabled the KNOX and its Security Folder, you can install the Google Now Launcher from Play Store. If you hadn’t uninstalled the app from your phone even after facing the troubles then first uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Follow the below steps to install the Google Now Launcher. Open “Google Play” present on your phone. Type “Google Now Launcher” in the search box. Tap on search symbol. Click Install.

As soon as the installation process is completed, click on the home button.

As you have installed the Google Now Launcher on your S8 or S8 plus when KNOX is not active, you will be able to see the list of various apps present on your phone. You can even configure the apps and use them as you like.

Enable the Secure Folder and KNOX on Your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Once you have observed the working of Google Now Launcher without having KNOX on your phone and if it works fine, then the problem was because of the Samsung Security System. It is impossible to just disable the security system on your phone. So after installing the Google Now Launcher, you have to again install the Security Folder.

Here is the step to step guide on how to enable the KNOX feature

Go to settings of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus
Click on lock screen and security.
Locate Secure Folder option.
You will get instruction to enable the security folder again.
Just follow them correctly.
Now you have the Secure Folder back again on your mobile.
As you have the Secure Folder option again on your phone, it can be accessed similarly like other apps. Users can manage Secure Folder settings by going to Lock Screen and Security option in settings of your phone.
Several users have used this Google Now Launcher on various platforms of Samsung and hadn’t face any issue whereas some set of users of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are facing it even after trying the above solution.

The permanent solution for this issue must be given by Samsung itself until then users can use above tips.

Final Words

There are many launchers out there like Nova Launcher or Evie Launcher which are compatible with Samsung S8 and S8+ and works fine on them. So it is better to switch to those launchers if this problem exists after all the trials of solving it.

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