How to Fix Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

Technology has progressed a lot from prior days. Fingerprint scanner an ultrasonic feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus make Samsung top-tier in the tech market in many ways. This kind of scanner uses a high range of diodes/inch so that capturing the details is up to very close.

Fingerprint scanner uses array capacitor circuit to collect the data about your fingerprint in the Samsung S8 or Samsung S8 plus which is a secure way to unlocking your phone than a PIN or swipe code pattern. While many of the Samsung users complains regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint issues which indicate that ‘S8 fingerprint scanner not responding’ or ‘Samsung S8 fingerprint scanner is not working’.

To short-out this problem I explain the tricks and tactics but before everything let be insure that how to set up a fingerprint security in your Samsung Galaxy S8.

How to setup fingerprint scanner in Samsung Galaxy S8 or Plus:

Securing your Samsung phone with the help of fingerprint scanner is one of very easy and effective ways. You just have to follow the steps given below to setup fingerprint scanner security in Samsung Galaxy S8 or plus;

  • Go to the setting and open it.
  • In the setting screen of your phone, you have to select ‘Lock screen and security’
  • After choosing this option you’ll see the following tab sections;
    • Screen lock type
    • Face Recognition
    • Fingerprint Scanner
    • Iris Scanner
    • Smart Lock
  • In the above 5 options, you’ll have to select 3rd option ‘Fingerprint Scanner’.
  • If you are here the first time then your mobile screen asks you to enter a new PIN to create it and if you’ve already created the PIN then enter the old one.
  • Now scan your fingerprint as per the instructions. Point to be noted that you must have to place your finger on the scanner sensor until you reach 100%.
  • Once it’ll reach 100% and you see the green tick mark select ‘DONE’ button.
  • Now select the ‘TURN ON’ option to make this security option enable.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Troubleshooting of Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint issues:

Clear cache:

The first thing you should do not only when facing fingerprint sensor issues on your Galaxy S8 but also for every other problem is to clear the phone cache. It’s a big chance that your phone might have been infected by some outer source stored in your cache so that it’s a good practice to remove your cache data first of all.

You can do this by clearing the cache of every specific app by going to Settings >> Apps but this might be time-consuming. The best alternative would be to reboot the phone into recovery and from there you can clean the cache of all apps.

Update your Android OS:

To fix the minimal bugs the second option is to check if there is a new update. Usually, manufacturers release small updates to fix these bugs. So go to Settings > Device and check for updates.

Reset fingerprint scanner:

Record says this solution is the best solution admitted by all complainers. Removing you old fingerprint scanner data and recreate it may become your best solution.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and find “Lock Screen and Security”.
  • Tap on it and you will see 5 different options.
  • Select the Fingerprint Scanner.
  • It will ask to put the old PIN and click next.
  • Now you will see 3 sub options in the ‘Manage Fingerprint Data’ screen section;
    • Remove Fingerprint Data
    • Fingerprint Unlock (ON/OFF)
    • Fingerprint Unlock When Screen Turns On
  • Select the option ‘Remove Fingerprint Data’ and your old data will be removed after a confirmation message box you’ll need to confirm.
  • Reset your fingerprint scanner setting as per the instruction given above in this article.

Reset default factory setting:

Last but not the least is reset factory setting option for you if you tried a lot but everything is wasted. You can follow the steps to reset all the setting according to default setting of the factory;

  • Hold the volume down button with the power button together until you will see the logo of the Samsung Galaxy on your mobile screen.
  • You will see the menu section ‘Android Recovery’ now you have to press volume down button again but 4 times then you will see the option ‘data/factory reset’ now select it with the help of power button in your mobile phone.
  • Now press volume button 7 times and select ‘Yes delete all user data’ and your old data will be delete and reset with default factory setting of your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.

You can go to the service center of the Samsung and avoid local service center if your phone is still continue with the same problem.

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