How Can You Fix iPhone X Slow Charging Issue?

Most of the Apple users have reported a complaint about their iPhones slow charging issues. In most of the cases, people are facing this problem after two months of purchasing. They have mentioned that sometimes when the phone is plugged in charging it takes 12 hours to get 50% charge and sometimes the green charging light the bolt sign which shows charging a percentage of the battery is not flashing on the screen. Apple makers have suggested a solution to this problem: this type of problem first needs to be identified because it might be for various reasons, so it needs to identify where the actual problem/issue lies.

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First of all, you must check if your charging point and your charger device is working or not.  It may be possible that your phone battery might be damaged and due to which your phone has to face with charging issues, maybe the battery is swollen. It may happen like your iPhone battery is non-removable so you must look for its telltale sign of swelling in the back area of your device and most important you must verify your charging port if it’s working properly. You can try using some other charger if you have any other iOS device, then you can try with its cable to charge your iPhone if it’s charging or not.

You can update your iOS. By updating or installing the latest available update problems could be minimized. You can also try to keep off your iPhone when charging. It may sound inconvenient, but you can give it a try if just for a few hours. It is highly recommended by Apple makers to do so. If your phone is getting charged faster when kept in charge by keeping it off, then it must be due to firmware issue or it may also happen some app may be causing a problem. Last but not the least if your phone storage is full then it might be due to some third party app. You may need to reset your factory data. After that, you can connect your charger to your phone and check if now it is working properly.

Fix charging problem iPhone X

If your iPhone is not taking charge

If you have connected your phone in charge for the last few hours and your phone is not taking a charge properly or it has totally stopped taking charge, then it might be due to four reasons. However, if you get an error messages “this accessory is not supported” you should then troubleshoot further than just these tips we are sharing below.

The charging process involves 4 things- software, adapter, the USB cable and the charging port on your iPhone and if any of them it’s not okay or has been broken then you may face charging issues with your iPhone X. Among four of them, three are hardware, but most of the time due to some software issues your phone stops taking charge so make sure you have performed factory data reset and then check it once. You can perform this activity by pressing the power key and the home button at the same time for at least 30 seconds, then wait for the phone to get a reboot and then try to charge it again.

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If the issue does not get fixed by rebooting your device, then try to do the factory reset. Erase all content and settings. You can do it by going into your settings–general—reset—factory data reset. Still, if your phone does not work properly, then you should try using completely a new charger. If there are any more issues you are facing on your iPhone then you can contact with Apple customer care and register your issue. Also, visit Apple’s official website and can place your issue or opinion about your iPhone. They will get back to you soon and will try to solve your problems you are facing on your iPhone.

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