How To Disable And Uninstall Blotware On Galaxy Note 4

Samsung devices come with many bloatware apps, pre-installed application by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, as a normal user, you can’t uninstall these pre-installed apps. The intention of the manufacturers is to make you use their apps instead of third-party apps which can be sometimes much better. Anyhow, the best thing about Android is that you can do anything if you have the right knowledge.

If not, you can find plenty of tutorials online to teach you step-by-step how to do various things on your device. In this article, we will walk through a guide how to delete bloatware on Galaxy Note 4. This will save you space and make the phone run smoother.

These pre-installed apps can be manufacturer or carrier related apps and most of the time users don’t find them useful at all. So why not uninstall bloatware, pre-installed apps on Galaxy Note 4. Also called “gimmicks”, they will drain the battery sometimes faster because they need to run in the background. Personally, I don’t like having apps that I don’t use. It’s a mess scrolling through the apps to find one you want to use.

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Two main reasons to delete the bloatware on Galaxy Note 4: They use the phone internal memory. I hate having apps I don’t really use in daily life.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4 remove bloatware

Samsung devices are known for the high number of pre-installed apps. They can take up to 1-2 GB storage which can be very precious. As previously said, fewer apps to run in background longer battery life.

Here is how to disable or uninstall bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

How To Disable Bloatware on Galaxy Note 4.

  • Open App Drawer and tap the three dots at the top right to open the menu.
  • You will see some options there, but select Uninstall/Disable apps.
  • A list of all the apps will appear and every application will have a minus sign.
  • Select the application and tap on ‘Disable’

This will not uninstall the bloatware but will prevent them from running in the background, saving your RAM and battery life. They still will use memory storage.

How To Uninstall/Delete bloatware On Galaxy Note 4

  • Download Root Uninstaller, it can easily found in Play Store. It needs a rooted device. So if you hadn’t rooted your device yet, make sure to root it. Check here to learn more about Note 4 Root.
  • Once installed open the app and select the app you want to delete.
  • Tap on Uninstall.

That’s all. The pre-installed apps on your Galaxy Note 4 are now uninstalled and you have saved a lot of space and your battery life will last longer.

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