How To Check Camera Sensor Manufacture On Galaxy S6 (Sony & Samsung Isocell)

Samsung has decided to do a good thing with the Camera Sensor on Galaxy S6. It has switched its own ISOCEL sensor with Sony’s sensor which have resulted to be one of the strongest point of Galaxy S6. You may ask why this change? Well, according to the camera tests and comparisons the Sony’s Camera sensor has performed well. Even in Benchmark app the Galaxy S6 camera beats the high score of Galaxy Note 4 that takes the best camera until now. Galaxy Note 4 uses Samsung’s ISOCELL camera sensor.

The Galaxy S6 has a 16 MP rear camera which can shot hight quality photos beating any other phone around. It also record 4k UHD videos and slow motion videos. Yeah this sound pretty amazing. The Galaxy Note 4 which have taken the record for the best camera sensor uses Samsung’s ISOCELL camera sensor. It was the best until Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 with the improved Sony’s camera sensor.

However according to the latest reports not all the Galaxy S6 have Sony’s camera sensor. There are few devices that still uses Samsung’s own ISOCELL camera sensor. Samsung responded to this issue saying that there is no difference between those sensors. They are almost the same and it’s impossible to notice the difference between them.

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It says that is the same sensor with the same quality but made by different manufactures. The sensors are interchangeable and can be easily changed. Both sensors work perfect on the same motherboard. No matter if you Galaxy S6 have the Samsung’s camera sensors or the Sony’s the difference is so small so even if you are a professional you will not notice the change. However you can check Galaxy Camera Sensor Manufacture easily by following the steps below:

How To Check What Camera Sensor Is your Galaxy S6 Using

  • Take your Galaxy S6 and open the dialer app.
  • Type the following code: *#34971539#.
  • A new window will open “CameraFirmware Standart”
  • Tap on “ISP VER CHECK”
  • The manufacture of the main and primary camera will be displayed.
  • If your Galaxy S6 has the Sony Sensor the rear camera will be “SONY_IMX240_FIMC_IS”

Check Camera Manufacture on Galaxy S6



  • If your device has the Samsung ISOCEll Camera Sesnsor, the rear camera will say “SLSI_S5K2P2_FIMC_IS”

Check Camera Manufacture On Galaxy S6

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