How To Improve Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus Fingerprint Scanner Speed and Accuracy

I just recently got into my hands a Galaxy S10 and from the beginning, I noticed that the fingerprint scanner speed isn’t that impressive. There is a lot of room in terms of speed and accuracy so I did a quick search about this and noticed that other users aren’t satisfied either with the accuracy and speed. After trying some tips I figured out how to increase the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner speed and accuracy.

The Galaxy S10 fingerprint is completely different from the fingerprints of the previous Galaxy versions such as S9 and S8. There is no more a traditional optical scanner we see in all other devices, instead, the new Galaxy S10 implements a new ultrasonic scanner underneath the screen.

In terms of security, this type of fingerprint scanner is much better because it uses high-frequency sound to map out the fingerprint. If the previous scanners simply take a 2D image of the fingerprint, the Galaxy S10, and S10 plus sensor scan and maps out the pores and ridges of the fingerprint and create a detailed 3D presentation. Therefore, it is progressively more secure than the traditional fingerprints but it seems the speed isn’t that impressive.

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If you are just an unhappy user that is trying to improve the quality of the fingerprint scanner. However, with a bit of effort, you can slightly improve the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner speed. Here are a couple of approaches to fixing the issue.

How To Increase Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Speed

The first and foremost step you should do is to look for updates. Samsung has released an update soon as the device become available on the markets. My device got updated two days after I got it.

So go to Settings -> Software Update and search for updates. If there is an update, simply download and install it.

Even if you downloaded the update it’s still advisable to follow the tips below:

  • Add the same fingerprint more than once

In other devices with a traditional 2D fingerprint scanner, such as the One Plus 6T, you can’t add the same fingerprint twice. However, that’s not the case with the Galaxy S10. You can add the same fingerprint more than once.

You may ask why? Well, when you add a fingerprint for the first time you will do it as the phone instructs you by putting the finger straight first and afterward ought to be repositioned to outline the sides. However when you use your phone and want to unlock it with your fingerprint, rarely you put the thumb straight. In most of the cases, the user put the thumb sideways.

So if you don’t position the finger straight when you open the phone, why not scan it again sideways, in the position you normally place it when trying to unlock the phone. This will definitely improve the accuracy and the speed of the Galaxy S10 or S10 plus fingerprint scanner.

  • Screen protectors

Galaxy S10 and S10 plus come out of the box with a screen protector that is fingerprint scanner friendly. However if you have installed a new screen protector, such as those tempered glasses we all have in our other devices, make sure it is fingerprint friendly.

Anyhow, if you have changed the screen protector that comes out of the box with the new one, make sure to delete the registered fingers and scan them again. A screen protector interferes with the ultrasonic waves and can cause the fingerprint issues.

These are the best approaches until now to slightly improve the S10 fingerprint scanner speed. If you have any other tip, feel free to share it with us in the comments. It will definitely help other users to increase the speed of the fingerprint scanner on their Galaxy devices.

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