Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Start Button

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft came back to its Start Button, which was temporarily removed in its Windows 8 version due to a system failure. Now the start button is back, and this time it has come with some very cool features.

If you’ve got the latest Windows 10 on your PC, do try out these neat tips and tricks for your Windows 10 Start Button:

Right and Left-click

This time with Windows, you can access two different menus when you press either the right click or the left-click button. The right click does pretty much the same thing. With the left-click, you can access application and functions shortcuts, offering more efficiency to users.

Rearrange Tiles

You might already have tried this. You can rearrange the tiles on your Windows Start Button with a simple click and a drag. You might want to put similar apps and programs together. You can also delete the tiles you rarely use.

Windows 10

Resize Windows Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu is a little different this time around. Instead of just a pop up of all the programs on your PC, there is an entire Window that shows thumbnails of popular apps and software on your PC. You can expand the size of the pop-up to fill the entire screen or downsize it. Just toggle over to the upper right corner and start changing sizes with a simple click and a drag.

If you want the Start menu to fill your entire screen, you can do that too by switching to Tablet mode from PC mode. You can turn on tablet mode by accessing the Action Center. The Action Center is the little quote you see at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the screen and choose tablet mode. Now check your Start Menu. It will fill your entire screen.

Change colors

If you would like to jazz up your windows with your favorite color, you can! To do this, go to the start menu, search for Settings. In the Setting Window, go to personalize and choose Color. Pick a color. Now go back to see how your Start Windows has changed colors. Try out a few and choose one that you like.

You can even customize where you would like to see the colors. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the color window and choose your settings. You can also select automatically choose colors according to the background image to sync colors with your wallpaper.

Customize Folders on Start Menu

You can choose which folders should appear on your Start Menu. To do this, go to settings on your start menu. Click on Personalization and select Start from the right-hand menu. Choose the folders you want to appear on Start. You can also select the Windows folder shortcuts for your Start menu.

Uninstall Apps and Program in One Go

Uninstalling apps with the new Windows Start Menu has become so much easier. You don’t have to go searching for programs in your Windows Control Panel. Move your mouse to the program you want to install, right-click and simply choose to uninstall. You can also choose to pin the program to start bar. This will allow you to view your apps and programs as tiles on the same Start Menu.

Right-clicking on the program also allows you to view recently opened files of the same program. You can open these with just a click also.

Get the Classic Start Menu Back

Some of us prefer the simplicity of the old times when the start menu was a simple vertical popup menu that allowed you to browse through programs alphabetically.

If you would like to do the same, right click on all the tiles, select unpin from start. Do this with all the tiles until the entire live tile space is empty. Now resize the Windows start menu as we discussed earlier.

Troubleshooting Windows Start Button

In its previous version, Windows 8 Microsoft had discontinued their Start menu. This came as an unpleasant shock to many users who have been used to the Start menu since the beginning. The reason Microsoft had to do it was because of some technical glitches.

However, because of the negative feedback, they had to bring back the Start Menu in Windows 10 and make it even bigger and better. But we can’t say that all problems have been entirely solved. You might find yourself having issues with the new Start Button. If you do, read this post on Windows Start Button Troubleshooting to work out your issues.

We hope that these tips and tricks for Windows 10 Start Button will make your Windows 10 experience more fun and efficient.

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