How To Fix Half Storage Available On Nexus Devices

Half storage available is a problem happening to many Nexus devices, like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and more. The reasons why this problem happen are still unknown. What we know until now is that the phone shows half of available storage.

So if you have a device with 32 GB memory, the phone will show only 16. The same thing happens will all the variants including a 16 GB, 32 GB and even 64 GB. This issue looks more related to software. Maybe it’s a bug that is not found until now. Whatever it is we know that lot of people are experiencing this issue and for that me have found a solution that will fix it.

Since the issue is reported by many Nexus users, it let’s you wonder why Google hasn’t found d a solution yet. This problem is reported mostly by people how have installed a Custom ROM on their device, so it might be an issue of the ROM. Whatever are the reasons causing this problem the following solutions have proved to be successful.


How to fix Half Storage Available on Nexus devices

Factory Reset is always a good solution when it comes to software related issues. Because the issue can be caused by a conflict between two apps or maybe one of the installed apps is running into trouble and it may cause the problem. The Factory Reset and Wipe Data will delete all the installed apps and will wipe all the data on your phone. Performing a phone will make your Nexus device like new.

To do a Factory Reset there are two ways. You can do it by going to Settings -> Account and Backup. The other way is using the recovery. Turn off the phone and then turn it on again but this time using Recovery. Once your Nexus Device boot into Recovery, navigate to Wipe Data and Factory Reset.

Since this problem is reported mostly by those users who have installed a Custom ROM in their devices, flashing a Stock Firmware have result to be successful in fixing half storage problem on Nexus devices. Stock ROM are more stable when it comes to bugs and such issues. Remember always to wipe data, cache, Dalvik cache before flashing stock ROM. So do a little search and find any guide which learn you how to flash a stock ROM on any Nexus device.

This two solutions for now have helped lot of people. Since the reasons remain unknown we can’t say anything else about how to fix this bug. If the problem is not fixed even when you flash the stock firmware, then you should send the phone back where you bought it and ask for a replacement.

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