How To Activate Air Gesture & Air View Functions On Galaxy Note 4

Air Gesture and Air View functions can be enabled even in Galaxy Note 4. This device has all the needed sensors but this feature is not enabled by default. We found an easy guide which allows you to activate Air Gesture and Air View Function on Galaxy Note 4.

Air Gesture is a feature presented by Samsung in few devices like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5. Air Gesture allows you to do multiple actions without even touching your phone. As the name says, it allows you to change songs that are playing simply by waving the hands on the screen. The waving of hands also can switch the tabs in the browser, slide up and down in a page and many similar actions.

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Also you can attend the calls without touching the device. it also can be used to navigate in the phone contents like pictures, gallery apps, videos. In a few words Air Gesture can be considered  as one of the greatest feature of Samsung. Unfortunately Air Gesture and Air View Function are not enabled by default so you need a little work to enable them.

How to enable Air Gesture and Air View functions on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Download QuickShortcutMaker App from Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed open it.
  • Tap on Activities tab.
  • Scroll down until you find Settings and tap on it.
  • A new activity tab will open as in the picture below.
  • For Air Gesture look the selection in the picture below.

air gesture galaxy note 4

  • Press on the rectangular-shaped activity and then press TRY. It will open up:


activate air gesture galaxy note 4


motion settings galaxy note 4


galaxy note 4 air gesture

How to activate Air View in Galaxy Note 4

  • Under Activities > Settings > Scroll down until you find air View like in the picture below:

air view galaxy note 4

  • Press the rectangular-shaped activity and then from there, press TRY. It will open:

galaxy note 4 air view


activate air view in galaxy note 4

You can check and uncheck on your preference. Galaxy Note 4 has the same sensors as Galaxy S5. In order to enable Quick Glance you need the apk from Galaxy S5 and that ensures you must be rooted.

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This is not my work. Source and downloads here.

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    Not working on my Note 4 with Android 5.0.1 BCO3.

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