How To Make Faster (Overclock) First Generation Snapdragon CPUs

The latest smartphones or tablets come with powerful specs and there is no need to tweak their settings for better performance. They are powered by the latest processor, a few GB of RAM and plenty of improvements to both hardware and software to make these devices run smoothly without any lag.

But on the other side, there are so many “old” devices or let’s say the first generation smartphones such as HTC Desire, HTC HD2, Sony Xperia X and many others. These kind of devices are still very popular among people because not everyone can buy a high-end device. So if you’re using one of these “legendary” phones you can make it faster and tweak settings a bit so it can run pretty smooth.

Since there are people still using these devices, there are also developers who develop Mods, ROMs, Kernels and find ways to increase the phone performance. You will learn how to overclock any first generation Snapdragon processor. Most of the devices, I’m talking about have the first generation of Snapdragon Soc with Adreno 200 GPU. It was top-notch back in the time but the technology is growing at a rapid speed and those old devices may be forgotten now.

It goes without saying that the devices which use QSD8x50 platform could stand to have their performance improved. Some of the CPUs like Adreno 200 and Qualcomm Scorpion CPU can be overclocked. To help us an XDA Senior Member called FeraVolt did some researches about hacking this platform and shared the result with us.

He prepared a guide how to overclock the GPU and the CPU so these “old” devices can run big apps and you may be able to play the latest games. There is also a way how to get the most performance out of the Adreno 200. Most of the changes can be done by editing a file named build.prop or A few other deep changes may require kernel hacking.

The purpose of the developer is to find a way to increase the performance of the first generation smartphones and he did it. With a little bit of your time and some easy work by following the right steps, you can overclock your phone. It might be able to open apps you have not been able to use before.

So if you own one of the first smartphone devices with the first generation of Snapdragon CPU, try to make it faster. Even if you may not use it anymore, do it for fun. You can give it a new life, simply visit Overclocking and tuning Adreno200 GPU & misc qsd8k development hacking thread.

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