How To Fix MediaTek Phones Invalid IMEI & No Service Problem

Are you another MediaTek user who is experiencing invalid IMEI and no service problem. If so you’re in the right place. We found a simple but very effective solution to fix invalid IMEI and no Service problem on any MediaTek device.

A developer at the XDA community named as qmobilea2 found this solution. He was playing with his MediaTek device when he get this error. Developers are used to fix the issues by themselves so even in this case he found this pretty easy solution that will fix invalid IMEI and no service problem on MediaTek devices in few easy steps.

Invalid IMEI MediaTek phonesWarning

We shall not held any kind of responsibility for any damage you make to your phone. This method has worked for most of MediaTek devices but it doesn’t mean it must work in every device. Troubles can happen and if so we are not responsible. If you want to make changes to your phone do it at your own risk.


Early Preparations

  • Make sure to root your Android device. If you haven’t rooted yet, do a bit search because there are many one-click root tools available.
  • Install Root Explorer or any similar file manager. Here are 9 reasons to use Total Commander file manager.

How to fix invalid IMEI and no service problem on MediaTek phones.

  • Download IMEI_windows.7z 
  • Open a Command Prompt window. Press windows key + R and in the run box type cmd. Press enter and you are done.
  • You will see a black windows where you can write. Type the following text:

imei.exe <15digit_IMEI_1> <15digit_IMEI_2>

Use a valid EMEI or use IMEI generator from the link above to generate a random IMEI. Press Enter and in case the IMEI was correct, a file named MP0B_001_NEW will be created.

Move this file to your SD card and insert it on the phone. Next open file explorer and copy this file to /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001. System permissions need to be r/w and make sure to rename the file from “MP0B_001_NEW” to ” MP0B_001

Reboot your phone and the problem should be fixed. If the problem is not fixed you should go to the official thread at the XDA and look for any updates from the developer.

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