How To Unlock Any Smartphone With a Single Click (PIN, Pattern, etc)

It happens to forget the password or the pattern of your phone. I use to forget it a lot, especially because I have so many passwords I have to remember.

Locking your phone with a pattern, pin or even face unlock is a must nowadays because someone can take your phone and can check or even steal personal information from your it. It may happen someone of your friends can take your phone and check your messages, contacts, photos and more.

You may have nothing to worry about but still it’s annoying when someone uses your phone without permission. So the best way to keep your phone safe is to lock it with a PIN, pattern or even face unlock and fingerprints. This might be a helpful but sometimes it can happens you forget the password or the PIN.

Unlcok every smartphone passwords, pin

In these cases when you forget the PIN or the pattern, unlocking your phone can be a bit annoying. Sometimes it can be very hard and it might be needed to wipe everything. This is not a good idea, isn’t it?

To make things easier a developer at the XDA called joe2k01 created an application and named it ‘Unlock me’. It’s very easy to use but it has only one requirements:

You have to flash it through a Custom Recovery. If you haven’t installed one yet you may want to check our Recovery section and find a guide how to install a custom Recovery on your phone.

You don’t need to do anything else simply reboot your phone into recovery and flash this app. But remember: We are not responsible for anything that can happen to your phone. You are the only one who is messing with your device so it’s only your responsibility for whatever happens to your phone.

The app is tested with various devices and it works fine. It is tested with almost all kind of password: PIN, Face Unlock, Pattern etc. It works perfect and it’s worth giving it a try. Download ‘Unlock me’ from here.

If you don’t have a Custom Recovery installed but you have root access than you can use ‘Unlock me’ app for PC. Download it from here on your PC. Also USB Debugging must be enabled. So if you meet this requirements than follow the steps below:

  • Connect your phone to PC using an USB cable.
  • Make sure computer recognizes the phone.
  • Open ‘Unlock me’ PC version.
  • Click Unlock and you’re done.

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  1. Hey I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 5 from a person off a site called offer up and when I got it home put my Sim card in I quickly found out this phone is stuck in Samsung retail mode. How can I remove all of the retail modes and demos that come on constantly and drain my battery ? Please help it’s driving me crazy and a security message pops up every time I try to uninstall the retail mode apps. Thanks, Diana

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