Secure Your IOT Devices – 5 Top Tips

Internet of Things or (IOT) is growing rapidly but at the same time, privacy and safety are compromised resulting in high-security risk. Leaving them unsecured will make a room for potential security threats such as hackers and malware attacks. All your information and files will be at risk that’s why it’s recommended to secure IOT devices. Here we will share top 5 tips how to do that.

Take Extra Care of Devices

Many routers provide the options to set a separate network for different devices. Having more segmented internet networks make it difficult for hackers to access all the information and hack them. This works best for IOT devices which are questionable to security.  Keep your devices safe and locked and avoid its connection with the open networks. It’s better to stop the connection of devices to the open network by turning them off permanently.

You should also know which devices are connected and which are not. Connect to the network only the devices you want to use and always protect them with a password. It will make difficult for hackers to get access to your information. Avoid using the same username and password for different devices.

A lot of IOT devices rely on cloud service; this will not only make the network down but also sync the sensitive data. Thus it is important to read their privacy policy and ensure that there are proper encryption and protection.

Internet of things IOT

Change Default Settings of Router

Different routers offer different settings. Selecting the right router is also crucial when it comes to security. Most of the routers have the same SSID name if they are from the same manufacturer hence it is recommended to change it during the configuration of wireless security on your network.You should also change the default username and password of the account that the

You should also change the default username and password of the account that the manufacturer has put. Those passwords are easy to hack so make sure to use a strong password. Keep it long and random to make it hard to crack.

You can use CloudCracker service where you need to enter some basic data. If they are unable to crack the password then hackers will not be likely to do it as well. It is recommended to keep your WiFi network as Home or Work instead of selecting it as the public network.

Install Firewalls

Prevent the unauthorized traffic from reaching your IOT devices by adding a firewall. Some PCs have the default firewall which is enough. For a better security, install a firewall that has more security functions. You can also configure a hardware firewall for a better network defense. Firewalls will add an extra level of security in the devices to prevent the intruders or hackers from getting access to your data.

Immediately Install Updates

You need to keep your firmware fully updated to make sure it has the latest security features. Remember to update the exact match model of the firmware to avoid problems. The updated firmware boosts the performance of the router as well.

There are chances of vulnerabilities and exploits to increase the chances of an attack and so your router needs to be updated regularly. Check the updates every three months or set automatic updates to send you notifications.  There are various system updates in devices that result in user issues and security flaws. Installing them will help to be more protected.

Track and Assess Devices

Devices need to be checked to determine the level of access they should have to keep them fully secured and up to date. It protects the data end to end to preserve its integrity. It is important to know which devices are connected and which aren’t. Unknown devices should send an alert with a flag. This is crucial to know and prevent any malicious activity.

In case your children are using the smartphones then explain them the risk of sharing the password or personal information with a stranger. For even more security, monitor and limit their usage of devices.

If you’re concerned about the privacy and dealing with a secured data, then make sure you are securing the IOT devices. You should know about the security protocols they support and how to patch them easily. Check if they have the proper privacy policy.

Summing it up!

The IOT devices help to make your life simpler. Take an extra initiative and utilize these useful tips to set the security features after setting all your favourite features. By taking these preventive measures, you can prevent the malicious attacks by the hackers.

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