10 Best Hacks to Boost Your Internet Speed

Most of the internet users experience a sudden slow connection due to technical problems, malfunctioning devices, and exterior factors. Typically, they will start calling their ISPs and complain about their connection in which this entails additional costs especially if the modem, cables, or router needs to be replaced.

As a basic approach to this scenario, you should be able to have a quick solution to increase the speed of your connection to promote efficiency and favorable performance. Have you tried testing your internet speed using a trusted site? Can you tell us the approximate “Mbps” detected?

If you’re getting an unfavorable result then, you must read this context in order to learn the best troubleshooting techniques and tricks to boost the speed of the internet connection as well as obtain a fast and reliable network experience.

How to Accelerate Your Internet Speed?

1 – Perform Initial Speed Test

First and foremost, you have to test the current internet speed of your connection to have an estimate as to its Mbps. There are several sites that you can try to perform your initial speed test namely SpeedTest.net, Bandwidth Place, SpeedOf.Me and TestMy.net.

In addition, you may refer to this simple theories to understand the relationship of these variables that affect your connection.

internet speed

a.) Mbps – refers to the megabits as per second. A Mbps is an 8-bit byte when converted to MBps hence if you generated a 9.45 Mbps using your speed test, therefore it has an approximate speed of 1.1825 MBps.

b.) MBps – pertains to the megabytes as per second.

c.) Download – defines as the frequency of the data that you can receive from a server such as loading pages, streaming live movies or videos, or listening to music via YouTube.

d.) Upload –pertains to the frequency of the data that you can send to the server such as forwarding huge files via emails, chatting or video call to someone, and posting pictures on your social media accounts.

e.) Ping – refers to the responsiveness of the internet connection for every sent out requests. This is typically measured in a millisecond (ms).

If you are able to acquire 5 Mbps and above, then you have already a good internet connection otherwise, you will proceed with the guides below to reset your web connection.

2 – Restart Your PC and Devices

Make sure to restart your computer, modem, router, or filters (if you’re using a telephone with an internet bundle) to refresh all of your gadgets and devices. In addition, try to check your modem and router if these devices are compatible with your network hence if these devices are properly installed and run, these would definitely yield to a cable modem router combo benefits.

You may also try DOCSIS 3.0 and NETGEAR modems since these brands were already been publicly tested hence, they can provide optimum results as to internet speed. For routers, some of the best brands are NETGEAR and Linksys. For best results, you may ask inquiries to your wireless or broadband service providers to attest if these modems and router brands are compatible with their network.

3 – Clear Your Browser’s History and Cache

As the rule of thumb, always reset the history and cache of your browser to refresh the ping, download stream, and upload stream of your internet. This trick would also help you have accurate results when you run the speed test.

4 – Optimize Anti-virus Scan

You have to consider the sluggishness of your computer because this will affect the speed of your internet. Make sure to run an anti-virus scan to clean up your data and quarantine all suspicious affected files and sites. In this way, you can have a safe and reliable way of performing your speed test.


5 – Reconfigure network passwords

Every once in a while, make sure to reconfigure your network’s password to refresh the IP address, and network. With this regard, you can able to remove all of the connected devices and auto-connect gadgets thus, this will avoid the sudden consumption and allocation of the internet for every connected device. You will definitely acquire the accurate speed of your network.

Moreover, you should also perform network setting tests to adopt in your area. Hover on your settings and try to reset the network mode to determine the access points and settings for your internet.

6 – Replace and Fix Existing Cables

You must check your wirings and cables if these are still in their good condition to detect and acquire faster signals. Ask your ISP to visit and inspect your wirings and cables to know whether there’s a need to repair, fix, or replace these existing cables.

lan cable

7 – External Interferences and Other Gadgets

Some gadgets can cause a disturbance in your network connection due to the electromagnetic signals and wavelengths. Make sure to distance your phones, radios, TVs, or gaming consoles from your PC to avoid experiencing external interferences.

8 – Use an HTML 5 Speed Test Version

As much as possible, use an upgraded version of the speed test to be able to have multiple options in getting the accurate range of your network connection. Perform at least two to three test using different reliable sites or software in order to get the average speed of your network connection.

9 – Perform Post Speed Test

After satisfying all of the easy steps to boost your internet speed, always perform the post-test to monitor if there were any changes that affect your internet. In rare cases, if the aforementioned solutions did not modify your current internet speed, you may resort to the last option to accelerate your internet.

10 – Assess Your Location and Ask your ISP

Sometimes, there are cases wherein the network providers encounter technical issues in their telecommunication site towers due to catastrophes in which this will affect all of the internet users. If this is currently happening to you, report it immediately to your ISP so that they can be able to assist you right away.

The ISPs will navigate their system first to verify the accessibility of their network in that specific area. Thereafter, they will perform technical troubleshoots to determine the root cause of the slow-moving web connections and accelerate the network back to its original speed.

Share your best experiences with these insights and let us know what have you discovered to boost internet speed connections even more.

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