Galaxy S7 Set SD Cards as Internal ‘Adoptable’ Storage

If you have been using an Android smartphone, you must know that Android offers very limited support for external removable storage devices. It used to be quite inconvenient at times since Android users often used to complain about limited storage capacity.

However, very soon the ‘adoptable storage’ concept emerged.

Galaxy S7 SD Card as Adoptable Storage

What is this ‘adoptable storage’?

Android, with the launch of its Marshmallow version (Android 6.0), also introduced a feature to support external SD card as its internal storage. This new feature that was launched along with this new version is the concept of ‘adoptable’ storage. Since then Android phones come with the capability of adopting an external storage device, like an SD card, to treat it like its internal memory.

How would you enable adoptable storage on your Samsung Galaxy S7 sets?

Do you use the Galaxy S7 model of Samsung smartphones?

You must have wondered long why you never found the adaptable storage feature on your phone. Well, that is because this feature was left out in this particular model.

But, now here is some good news for all Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users.

You can manually enable this new and improved feature in your S7 series smartphone. In this article, we shall see how you can get this done.

Few simple and easy steps to enable ‘adoptable’ storage on your Samsung S7:

  1. Download the ADB Installer on your computer

Firstly, you would need to undergo some basic steps of ADB modding for this feature to work on your Samsung Galaxy S7 set. ADB or Android Debug Bridge consists of some basic command line utilities offered by Google to its developers when they need to debug some applications. To enable the adaptable storage feature, you first need to download the ADB installer on your computer.

  1. Get your SD card

Now, you need to keep your SD card ready. Make sure you choose a memory card that supports faster operations. This SD card is going to be treated as the internal memory of your phone. Do ensure that you keep a backup of all data present in it since all data shall be wiped off during the modding process.

  1. Get into the USB debugging mode

Now, in your Samsung Galaxy S7 set, navigate to the USB debugging option and select that.

  1. Open command window of ADB

Now, you need to open a command prompt for ADB from your computer. Go to folder containing ADB > press Shift key > Right click on a blank space >  Select Open Command Window

  1. Connect your smartphone to your computer with a data cable

 USB driversUse an original USB cable to connect the phone to PC. Make sure your computer recognise it. You may need for this to properly work.

  1. Hit the following commands into the opened command prompt

adb shell

sm list-disks —- displays note down your device ID

sm partition disk: device ID, private ——- partition SD card to use it as internal phone storage

  1. Check storage settings on your phone

After this when you check your internal phone storage, you will find that it has increased. This will confirm that you have carried out the previous steps correctly.

  1. Transfer all your data

This is the final step to enable adoptable storage on your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. For this you need to go to Settings >  Storage >  SD Card > Tap on the More option at top right >  Migrate Data.

This is to migrate all your data for easy and convenient access using your new adoptable storage.

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