Why WhatsApp Ban WhatsApp Plus Users & How To Get Unbanned

WhatsApp has recently banned WhatsApp Plus users. According to WhatsApp user information is not safe while you are using WhatsApp Plus and it might be stolen and used by unauthorized people. This is the main reason that WhatsApp says that has banned WhatsApp Plus users.

WhatsApp Plus is an app neither developed by WhatsApp nor by authorized developers. Its developers have no relationship to WhatsApp and the mooded app is created by unauthorized developers. It is full of features and customizations that’s why the number of its users is increasingly day by day.

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But the time has come. Since it is a third-party app and unauthorized by the company, WhatsApp has ban all those who are using the themed app. As we previously say according to WhatsApp, they doesn’t have any relationship with WhatsApp Plus developers and so your personal information is not safe.

Whats-App-plus users banned

It is potentially being passed to 3rd parties without your knowledge or authorization since WhatsApp Plus contains source code that WhatsApp can’t guarantee that is safe. So you might be at risk. This what WhatsApp says. It’s a pity for all those who are used to WhatsApp Plus. This app doesn’t deserve to be killed in this way. It is one of the best app we have ever seen, but unfortunately we can’t use it any more.

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If you want to use WhatsApp the only way is to uninstall WhatsApp Plus and install the official WhatsApp. We know that it will be a little difficult to get used with the official app since it has not too much to offer to users but we can’t do anything. Very sad of WhatsApp inc which decided to kill on of the best app ever. It would be good if WhatsApp should have partnered with the WhatsApp Plus developers to create a new app, but we will not have that pleasure. So the only thing we can say is RIP WhatsApp Plus.


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