How To Fix LG G3 Touch Screen Interface Lag

Weird to say but around the Android community people have reported various issues on LG G3. The next issues that is reported is LG G3 touchscreen delay or LG G3 touchscreen lag and in this post, we will share with you some workaround solutions how to fix it. More and more users are complaining about a lag when navigating around the LG G3. So when swiping between screen a considerable lag is noticed. This make us wonder how is possible to happen such issues when LG G3 has great specs and the lag shouldn’t considered in this device.

As you may already know the device comes with a Snapdragon 805 proccesor and 2-3 GB RAM which is enough for mobile device to run smoothly. The screen also isn’t left behind, it has a QHD resolution but even though LG G3 has such great specs still it face issues such as touchscreen delay or touchscreen lag.

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Before the LG G3 touchscreen sensitivity problem we have seen other issues such as keyboard lag but even for that we found some workaround solutions that might fix the issue. In this article, we will share some tips how you can fix the LG G3 touchscreen delay lag.



How to fix LG G3 touchscreen delay lag

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Software information and tap on build number 7 times. A message will appear telling you “You’re now a developer”
  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Windows animation scale and set it to 0.5 or turn it off. Change also the Transition Scale and Animation Duration Scale.

Some other people have reported that this lag is cause by the big screen and it is linked to Battery Drain and Overheating problem.

Sometimes an app is causing the lag, try booting in Safe Mode. You can enter in Safe Mode by pressing the Power key and tap and hold the Power Off option until you see Reboot to Safe Mode and tap OK. When you reboot in Safe Mode, see if the lag is gone. If yes then it’s sure that one the installed apps is causing the lag. You have to remove apps one by one or simply performing a factory reset.

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